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Tricks: New Magic

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Eternity by Emran Riaz


tried it 20 years with an acid pen... very unhappy with result. This is a million times better. No liquids, no mess, no chance of exposure. The Koran illusion becomes your reality. Imagine using it close up or on the largest stages in the world. I have the confidence that this can be a miracle anywhere. I find it impossible, thrilling...


Lynx wallet 2.0 by Goncalo Gil, Gustavo Sereno


After the huge success of the "Lynx Wallet', Gee Magic is proud to finally bring you the "Lynx Wallet 2.0" and the great just got greater!

Based on the effect "Bang On" by Marc Oberon, Goncalo Gil and Gee Magic brought you an innovating method using only ONE wallet, ONE envelope and produce ANY named Card. This second...


The Crystal Billet Box by David Regal


This is a gimmicked box that has been precision-crafted from thick acrylic that enables a performer to switch a group of billets, force an item, make something appear, make something vanish, and can even be used as a prediction chest.

It comes ready to go, along with a few extras that give the performer some options that further increase...


INSTA BOX (RED) by Taiwan Ben



There are numerous classic card in box effects in the magic society.

There's only one thing missing - a perfect visual appear, until NOW.

INSTA BOX is an appear that looks like real magic.

With a wave of your hand, the chosen card jumps into...


Polaris Equinox Dark Edition Playing Cards


Polaris is a celestial-themed deck with modern woodcut-style illustrations. This 4-color deck is perfect for poker, bridge, or any other standard card games. For magicians and cardists, the borderless back design looks amazing when fanned!


Himber Card Wallet Plus by Alan Wong


This genuine leather himber card wallet is custom made for poker size playing cards and can be used with most packet tricks and business cards or folded bills.

Himber Card Wallet Plus has additionally included two brown Tyvek Himber Card Envelopes as a set, which gives you the options from two way out to eight way out, if you...


BOX ONE by Neil Patrick Harris


An incredible adventure game filled with puzzles, riddles, secrets, and surprises.

A game uniquely designed to challenge only ONE person - and it seems that person is you! And only you. Can you crack the code and solve Box ONE?

Or at least in the...


Dropped Call by Kyle Purnell & Zach Evans


Vanish your phone in the cleanest way possible

Dropped Call is a full utility with endless possibilities

  • Completely universal
  • No switches
  • Ends clean and examinable
The much-anticipated trick of MagiFest 2019 & 2020

With the Dropped Call gimmick you can make your phone vanish, transpose...


Black Door by Riccardo Berdini


Pros are calling it a game-changer. This hands-free switching device unleashes power never-before-seen in mentalism or magic.

"A beautiful tool for your arsenal of methods." - BANACHEK

"One of the best designs I've seen. Or haven't seen, completely invisible! SO GOOD!" - DANIEL GARCIA



Cas na Clocha Standard Edition


This magical and mystifying experience is a multi-phase encounter with the spectator. They get to immerse themselves in the story of an ancient con game, where the spectator must determine which end of a stick placed into a box has the odd-colored stone. Though it sounds simple, the routine ups the ante in each phase through pseudo-explanations...


FADECK by Juan Pablo

Imagine this: a spectator chooses a card and you keep it clearly in a pocket and the rest of the deck remains in one of your hands, now slowly, visually and magically the deck disappears until there is only one card left in your hand and it turns out to be... the chosen card and the rest of the deck is now... in your pocket!.



Loops Legends by Yigal Mesika


Yigal Mesika Presents Loops Legends

Here's your once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Loops� and raise the bar on performing real magic and mesmerizing audiences. Whether it's two people in a diner or two hundred in a theater, you'll leave them all with a mind-bending experience...


Spidey`s King Con by Richard Sanders


An AMAZING 4 Card change, with a Comedy Twist and a KNOCK OUT FINISH!


Four 'HAND-DRAWN' playing cards are used to demonstrate a ridiculous card cheating technique.
The comic presentation causes the spectator to question the magician's sanity.


BERMUDA by Nicholas Lawrence

We've all seen and probably perform the classic pre-torn corner vanish... Well, it just got a serious upgrade!

Tear off a small corner of a playing card and cleanly display it then make it vanish in the convincing way possible! Visually or with Cover, it looks totally impossible...

You're audience doesn't just...


Cheetah by Berman Dabat and Michel


A card index fast, slim and lethal

Just like a cheetah

Imagine if you could find any card, secretly, in one second. Now, with Cheetah, you can. A card index so thin that fits into ANY POCKET. It's very easy to learn, you don't need to perform weird moves, riffling, or mental calculations. The revolutionary design...


Mangle by Christopher J. Smith


"My Mind was left MANGLED after using Mangle! I've been doing it the hard way for way too long. This is going straight into my act." - Morgan Strebler

"This is a very, very clever gimmick! It works differently to torque, deformer and anything else on the market, You will be able to put some truly incredible, impossible bends...


Zerox by Roddy McGhie


Print thought of cards as though you had a tiny photocopy machine in your pocket. This is the kind of magic your spectators can’t look away from. The cards actually light up while the ink prints on the blank cards. This is Zerox by Roddy McGhie.

Here’s what happens:

The performer introduces some double blank...


Triple C by Christian Engblom

It fooled Penn & Teller

"Christian always has very nice, interesting, and clever ideas. This one is VERY practical-- believe me."
- Juan Tamariz, The Master

"Triple C should be re-named: Triple I; Ingenious, Innovative and Incredible. Triple C is beyond words."
- Howard...


Mercury Wallet - Jim Pace


More...than a card in wallet!

Performer hands their wallet to a spectator then asks them to hand it back. The spectator is then asked to remove the magician's ring and place it into the wallet. The performer asks if they have ever heard of Deja Vu. Performer hands their wallet to a spectator then asks them to hand it back....


Orphic by Lewis Le Val and The 1914

Orphic is the ULTIMATE inconspicuous every-day carry wallet for the modern mentalist and magician.

Peek, switch and load like a boss!

Designed by Lewis Le'Val, Orphic takes classic hidden wallet functions and reengineers them in ways NEVER seen before in a magicians' wallet.

What's more, there...


Charming Chinese Triumph


Triumph is effect with a long history. In the years of the development of magic, this effect has been performed or improved upon by countless magicians, resulting in a variety of different editions.

CCT, created by Silver Wing, is one version of the classic 'Triumph' plot. The feature of this edition is that all...


Excalibur by Chris Yu & Magic Action


"Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil, is rightwise king."

Sword through card is a classic and stunning stage effect which would certainly leave a huge image in the audience's heart.

Imagine if you can create the same impact in a close up fashion.

Here at MagicAction, we present you the holy...


VIRUS 2.0 by Saymon


If you've always wanted to read people's minds using something that everyone already carries with them every day, look no further.

With just your phone you can guess absolutely anything the spectators are thinking such as: names, numbers, drawings, places, pin codes, whatever you want!

After almost 3 years...


Industrial Revelation (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jamie D. Grant


Astound every audience with a mind-bending close-up illusion.

A quarter or knife is pushed through a playing card tuck box. This doesn't seem like that impressive of a feat until you open the box. Your audience won't believe their eyes when they see a solid steel block fall out instead of a deck of cards.

This is the...


Inferno Fire Wallet


The magician opens his wallet and it bursts into flames! It is closed, then opened again and appears to be a regular wallet. You can even have a selected card appear in the wallet.

New improved design. This is quite possibly the best Fire Wallet available!

1. Large wick area equals larger flames!
2. Thin...

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