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Tricks: New Magic

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Card Thru Card by Aurelio Ferreira video DOWNLOAD


A perfect solid through solid illusion!

Two cards pass through each other.

Looks like real magic.

Try it today!


Vanished By Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


Make any small object vanish, just by waving your hand!

Perfect for social media.

Easy to make.

Download it today!


Visual Link by Ralf Rudolph aka


You show two frames of a single playing card. Just by rubbing both frames together, they visually link, unlink and then link back together. Perfect for social media.

As a bonus I will show you how to make a "Real" linking card, if you want to switch the cards to give them out as a souvenir.

Fun to make and perform.



Overdraft by Paul Fowler and the 1914



They say crime doesn't pay, but whoever said that didn't own Overdraft.

Overdraft is a set of precision engineered gimmicks that give you the power to perform EXPLOSIVE feats of magic and mentalism.

Meet your new everyday carry. Overdraft's reactions...


PORTAL by Eric Chien


Are you ready to create an impression on your audience that will last a lifetime?

Developed by Eric Chien (FISM Grand Prix Champion)... Portal has revolutionized the time honored effect of penetrating a signed coin through solid glass.


Countless versions of methods have tackled...


VIP by Mickael Chatelain


Take three VIP plates out of your pocket.

Except for a different QR-CODE on each, the plates are 100% identical, so there is nothing to see!

(Before you start, ask your spectator to put his cell phone on the table, because in a few moments, he will have to snap the QR-CODE of each plate).




Before We Begin by Asi Wind


Asi Wind and Vanishing Inc. present one of the most comprehensive explorations ever written about a topic that is far too often overlooked by magicians and mentalists.

One of the most widely-respected magicians and thinkers in the industry, Asi Wind offers an in-depth look at the art of pre-show with Before We Begin. He shows...




As the title says, this is a variation of the trick Suit & Value.

Very easy to learn and perform

In the original, if the deck is set up for Suit, then you cannot start with Value and vice versa.

I have eliminated this limitation. Now it is volunteer's choice whether to choose Suit or Value. Accordingly,...


Final Penetration by Mikame


Final Penetration is a phenomenal piece of classical block penetration magic. Nothing has changed much for the Block Penetration routine for years but Mikame's Final Penetration is a revival of a solid classic with a modern look and function. This classical piece of magic can now be reset, and the routine repeated without the hassle...


Hard Thumbs-up by Hottrix


This is probably the most versatile prop in magic. Vanishing, exchanging and appearing objects are only a fraction of this gimmicks potential! Modern technology paired with Swiss precision, make this thumb tip the first realistic Thumb Tip for professional magicians! Finally, it has the look it deserves... INVISIBLE!Extremely Realistic!...


Rubber Hammer


A Rubber Hammer that looks 100% real! they look so real and compress 10 times his original size you will not believe it!

A useful magic prop that, can be used in many different ways.

1) THE APPEARING HAMMER: Show a paper bag, open it and show it empty, now put your hand inside and pull out a Hammer,...


PORTAL by Peter Eggink



We all are familiar with the "Acme Black Hole" featured in cartoon classics -"Portal" is a close-up illusion that mimics this effect on a playing card. A clever, new gimmick & handling makes this one a real fooler and yet VERY easy to do.

A card is selected and a black circular sticker is...


The Baffling Blocks by Alan Wong and Ashton Carter


Three small metal blocks are passed to your audience, within seconds they are experiencing a strange and impossible feeling.

Alan Wong and Ashton Carter have taken mutual deep interest in this effect and turned it into wonder filled performances.

Your participant picks up all three blocks and then picking up the top block...


Wolfgang`s Library Prediction


If this trick reminds you of a classic, you are right, but it has been updated to add a fun twist to it making it into a new routine that gives it more stage time. It can now be done for a greater audience with many more participants.

The Color Block Escape trick has been a favorite of mine for many years because it never fails to...


THE FINAL ANSWER RELOADED by Scott Alexander & Bob Kohler


In 2004 Scott Alexander and Bob Kohler released what was hailed and highly acclaimed as the BEST Bill to Lemon ever conceived. According to most experts...

There are 5 non-negotiable rules to a PERFECT Bill in Lemon routine.
1) The bill MUST BE SIGNED
2) The magician's hands MUST never fully leave sight of the audience...


Zerox by Roddy McGhie


Print thought of cards as though you had a tiny photocopy machine in your pocket. This is the kind of magic your spectators can’t look away from. The cards actually light up while the ink prints on the blank cards. This is Zerox by Roddy McGhie.

Here’s what happens:

The performer introduces some double blank...


The Complete Walton (Vol. 3) by Roy Walton


This is the long awaited third volume of card magic by the world-renowned magician, Roy Walton. It has been some 28 years since the last completely new, collected works book was released. We are extremely excited to offer this new volume to the magical fraternity.

This volume contains 96 carefully selected effects with cards; some...


The Complete Walton (Vol.1) by Roy Walton


These new editions have been completely re-edited, formatted and bound to exceptionally high standards. Published by Davenports Magic of London, using a globally renowned printing company to create the most environmentally sustainable books published in their 114 year history.

Volume 1:

One of the acclaimed classics...


The Complete Walton (Vol.2) by Roy Walton


These new editions have been completely re-edited, formatted and bound to exceptionally high standards. Published by Davenports Magic of London, using a globally renowned printing company to create the most environmentally sustainable books published in their 114 year history.

Volume 2:

This volume follows the highly...


CHANGELING by Peter Eggink


"Changeling" by Peter Eggink

A super visual, hands-off card change.

A card is selected (signed) by the spectator and returned in the pack. Next, the cards are shuffled and a random card is sandwiched in-between the 2 jokers in such a way that the card remains in full view at all times.

The sandwich can be either...


Hanson Chien Presents Crazy Sam`s Handcuffs by Sam Huang



"This trick looks like REAL MAGIC."
- Michael Ammar

"This is the revolution of Crazy Man's Handcuffs."
- Hanson Chien


A HYPER visual rubber band penetration effect where a rubber band is stretched between the thumb and finger...


Pinnacle by Brian Caswell


Pinnacle is the latest word on card and number effects. Brian Caswell started the buzz with card and number effects many years ago with Trilogy.

Trilogy was a ground-breaking and best-selling effect. Pinnacle is a mixture of Trilogy and Brian's other best seller, Cataclysm. Imagine showing a deck of cards. Each...


The Vault - Coin Find the Card by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


A coin vanishes and finds a selected playing card!

A brand new approach to the flap card that is easy to make and fun to perform.

Looks impossible.

New gimmick.

Download it today!


LUCKY STRINGS 2023 by Tenyo Magic



Can you manipulate destiny?!


A baffling game they simply can't win!

Five strings extend from an envelope, but only one string is attached to the winning bell at the bottom. Allow your spectator to choose four of the strings, and the final string remains for...


MISTER DANGER 2023 by Tenyo Magic



The ultimate sword penetration!


A fully-automatic tabletop illusion!

Insert a solid, person-shaped figurine into the case, and close the lid. The lid contains many small holes directly above the figurine. One by one, insert a sword into each hole, passing each blade right...

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