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Tricks: New Magic

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Words - The Foundation of Mentalism by Richard Osterlind


In this exciting new book, Richard Osterlind talks about the use of words and language with profound insights into the applications for mentalism. Richard reveals his own methods for talking about our art, using words in mentalism procedures, getting spectators on stage, dealing with the entire audience, applause cues, and so much more....


ARM: Almost Real Magic by Obie O`Brien and Joe Riding


This is a very clever routine that is full of surprises.

The theme revolves around an entrance exam that is used to qualify players to enroll in a Blackjack Card Counting School.

The observation test begins with two identical hands of Blackjack (AC and JH). The object is to see if the candidate can follow where the cards are.



PERFECT MATCH by Vinny Sagoo


Strike up the perfect match with the incredible self-working mentalism trick!


Several spectators grab a bunch of coloured matchsticks and remember how many they have.

They then shuffle a packet of cards.

You deal through the cards and each spectator remembers the card at their random number.





A trick fit for royalty!

For over 120 years, The Princess Card Trick has stood the test of time.

Now, with a gigantic evolutionary leap, behold the ULTIMATE PRINCESS!

A spectator is shown five cards

One card is mentally selected

When shown again, their card has TURNED OVER




Organic Spirit Slates by Juan Capilla and Julio Montoro


We all love the Spirit Slates, it is a classic in magic history. But most of us don't perform it because they are not made for a casual environment. Here it is where Juan Capilla comes into play.

With this new version of the Spirit Slates you can perform the classic with an organic and modern view, carrying them out with your...


POKE A DOT by Sirus Magic s

An unusual and incredible colour changing deck OPENER, with multi phased powerful hits of strong magic, before you even get to the colour change.
Once changed you can then go straight into the rest of your working set.
Thanks to the 'reset as you go' way of performing, you are ready to show it again immediately.



Refilled Henry Harrius


Henry Harrius is finally revealing one of his secret weapons from his commercial show: REFILLED.

You first introduce an empty glass bottle (corona), a paper bag and an opener as a "magic wand". After some jokes that is naturally built into the routine, the bottle is magically refilled in a completely sealed state! The beer...


Slipstream: Torn, Stapled and Restored by Eric Stevens


Slipstream by Eric Stevens is not only one of the most visual, unique and practical torn and restored cards, but it is quickly becoming a staple (pun intended) in many magician's repertoire.

Here is what happens; A freely chosen card is selected, removed from the deck and, if desired, signed by the spectator. You then proceed...


Instant Magic Table by Mr. Magic


A tray (15 1/2" by 12") transforms into a sturdy, four-legged magic table. A visually magical way to produce the table you'll need for your show.




Can you imagine? You just need to very clearly put the coin in the audience's hand. Let him close his hand, then open. The coin changes color. You don't need to do anything. Then the audience can immediately check. This is C-COIN by Zhao Xinyi.

Of course with two normal coins you can do a lot of effects (exchange, prediction,...


Fox`s Handcuffs by Wayne Fox


Fox's Handcuffs - Two elastic bands, stretched between your index finger and thumb, impossibly melt through each other.

The Fox's Handcuffs, even in extreme close-up, the onlooker will see those elastic bands visibly and slowly melt through one another, making this not only a great social media video, but visual...


Smoke & Mirrors x Fulton (Mirror-Black) Playing Cards by Dan & Dave


To commemorate the fifteenth anniversary release of Smoke & Mirrors playing cards we worked with our longtime friend and collaborator Brad Fulton to design an all-new edition inspired by 19th-century typography - an homage to the original Smoke & Mirrors design featuring intricate details in black and white for a sophisticated look.



Smoke & Mirrors x Fulton (Smoke-White) Playing Cards by Dan & Dave


To commemorate the fifteenth anniversary release of Smoke & Mirrors playing cards we worked with our longtime friend and collaborator Brad Fulton to design an all-new edition inspired by 19th-century typography - an homage to the original Smoke & Mirrors design featuring intricate details in black and white for a sophisticated look.



The Vault - Movinx by Robby Constantine video DOWNLOAD


A next level moving X effect!

A perfect visual lead in to your appearing, vanishing or teleporting moving ink routine.

Easy to build.

Highly visual.

Download and learn it today!


INSTA BOX (RED) by Taiwan Ben



There are numerous classic card in box effects in the magic society.

There's only one thing missing - a perfect visual appear, until NOW.

INSTA BOX is an appear that looks like real magic.

With a wave of your hand, the chosen card jumps into...


MISTER DANGER 2023 by Tenyo Magic


The ultimate sword penetration!


A fully-automatic tabletop illusion!

Insert a solid, person-shaped figurine into the case, and close the lid. The lid contains many small holes directly above the figurine. One by one, insert a sword into each hole, passing each blade right through the person! When you remove...


OX Bender by Menny Lindenfeld


Bend borrowed, signed coins like never before with the WORLDS FIRST SINGLE-HANDED COIN BENDER!

The OX BENDERâ„¢ by Menny Lindenfeld is a custom-made, ingenious device, engineered for BENDING COINS EASILY with ONLY ONE HAND! It's actually EASIER to bend coins with the OX Benderâ„¢ than with any other coin Bender!



Basquiat Playing Cards by theory11


An American Art Icon
BASQUIAT Playing Cards are a tribute to the life's work of one of America's most important and influential artists - featuring his iconic sketches, drawings, and paintings that continue to inspire the next generation.

Jean-Michel Basquiat's...


BUBBLE WAND by Alan Wong


A magic wand that blows bubbles is another must have for all children parties.

The new Bubble Wand makes every magical sense. It's a 20cm long small magic wand that contains a bubble blower inside. You pull out the tip and blow magic bubbles, then catch one and it becomes a solid glass bubble that you give away to that...


Celebrity Scorch (SUPER MAN & SPIDER MAN) by Mathew Knight and Stephen Macrow


New! LIMITED edition Celebrity Scorch! This modern day classic is now in the repertoires of many working pros, after receiving multiple AMAZING reviews from dealers and performers. Reveal a chosen celebrity in a flash of fire on the back of a business card, playing card, drink cup or wherever your creativity takes you! This product...


FLAKES BOX by Marcos Cruz


Flakes Box is an idea by Marcos Cruz, where you play with cereal boxes. Show a cereal box and transform it into different flavors and cereal presentations, there are five changes that you can make very visually and practical to use.

At the end, all the boxes disappear and make a candy appear.

"Very good brother"


HEROES HAT by Marcos Cruz


Heroes Hat is an inspiration from Ali Bongo's hat, with a perfect combination of the hat and the superheroes this is an adaptation of Marcos Cruz.

You will show some cards and they will select one of them, with the heroes hat you will find the prediction, you will fail, you will have many attempts and when you give up it...


Incredible Split Deck Plus by Magic Music Entertainment


The magician shows a card that has the image of an unknown prediction printed on one side and on the other side the prediction that will be revealed at the end of the trick, leaving this card on the table at all times and in full view of the spectators. Now the magician shows a deck of cards that, with a single "magical blow", it transforms...


My Rich Husband US (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Magic Music Entertainment


Spectacular set for parlor or stage magic.

The magician says and shows that he has six bills of $100 DOLLARS each, while he shows them, he counts them and passes them from one at a time to his other hand. He throws two bills into the air and asks the public: if I have 6 bills and I spend 2, how much money do I have left? The public...


Remote Light Rose Multi-color (Charger Included) by JL Magic


The JL Magic version of this astounding effect is well made and easy to perform. A great value and a "must have" item for your magic collection! When the rose changes color from one color to 3 colors, audiences are amazed!

This wonderful, visual piece of magic is great for storytellers, kids show performers and silent acts.



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