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Tricks: New Magic

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Electronic Voodoo Doll Magic by Hatiro


Magic for stage:

A magician tells the story of the Voodoo and explain that he has a doll with 6 "X" marks and hand it to a spectator.

Next, he asks the spectator to hold and examine the doll . Next he hands her one pin and ask her to pin any of the "X" marks, at her choice. At the same time the magician blindfold himself,...


Eye Pad Mini by Wayne Dobson


After its phenomenal success, most who bought EyePad asked Wayne and Mike if there would be a close-up version. Well, "Dobbo has done it again"

Introducing: EyePad Mini.

You ask a spectator to just think of any playing card. You explain that, in order to find out what card they are thinking of, you need to use your...


BACKSTABBER by Scott Alexander


This is Scott's failsafe, no miss version of the classic Malini Card Stab. This features all the comedy and drama with none of the risk of missing the right cards.

All the props you need including cards which can be re-used, blindfold, 11 inch stunning dagger and sheath, plastic container and full training movie.

The method...


CRB (Color Changing Rubber Band) by Menzi magic & Zhao Xinyi


This is a CGI effect that you can do in reality by only using ONE rubber band.

The performer has a red rubber band in his hand. The color of the band will change slowly after the finger crosses the band.

  • Only use ONE rubber band to complete the color change
  • No angle limitation
  • Reset immediately
  • No...


Invisible Lie Detector by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


The Invisible Lie Detector is the latest in Wayne Dobson's output of quick, powerful, simple close-up mental routines.

  • Eight cards bearing the names of everyday objects.
  • One is freely chosen under the fairest conditions
  • Byplay involving an 'Invisible lie Detector' and the spectator lying about his or...


Multiplying eggs (white) by Uday


This product is a very useful and versatile tool for any magician, and can be used in a variety of effects and ways.

The egg is very realist for being a wooden egg.


Non-Sense by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong


Wayne Dobson has come up with a new set of telepathy cards using the 5 senses replacing the overflowing ESP symbol products.

"The first version of the now-classic ESP Card Matching effect I saw was done with playing cards, in a Brother John Hamman book written in the year I was born: 1957! This approach to the effect contained...


Room 66 BLACK by Yoan Tanuji & Magic Dream


What if a simple key tag became the ultimate Peek tool? A secret weapon you'll always have on you? A tool so harmless and universal that no one will suspect it is your best routine?

Yoan Tanuji, Axel Vergnaud and Dylan Sausset, 3 performers with creative minds have put all their know-how to create ROOM 66. These magicians...


SHARP BURN by Alan Wong


Carry your everyday Sharpie pen and create a blister in the shape of Three of Clubs on your finger tips anytime.

Comes complete with two real Sharpies, one normal and one with a custom molded gimmick cap to make this possible. Although you only need to carry one pen to do the trick.

P.S. You don't really need to burn your...


VLR Voitko`s Linking Rings

The famous Linking rings, now on your finger.

We made a trick where you can perform the classic Linking ring trick with finger rings.

The rings that you take off your finger, you give the spectator to check. And after checking, in front of the spectator, the rings connect and disconnect. And every time the spectator can check...


Wordless Cords by Alan Wong


The story of our eternity is told using five different colored cords and a small bag.

As each cord is shown, and its color explained, a knot is removed from each cord and dropped into the bag. Finally, the entire green cord is placed into the bag. When it is taken out of the bag, the knots are all tied onto this green cord. When untied...


FEEL BETTER by Chris Philpott



"Beautiful! What a transformation, literally and figuratively!"
- Banachek

"Wow! That is powerful! And what a beautiful gift to leave people with. This is great for both close up and stage. Love it!"
- Billy Kidd

"OK, screw you! You made me tear up...




Ladies and gentlemen! children of all ages! Step right up to the Fantasma Magic Table Set! This deluxe wooden table doubles as a carrying case for over 200 great tricks! Spectators will gasp in amazement as you:

Produce a mountain of candy from the Magic Production Box!

The Baffling Boomerangs will fool your eyes!



Super Elastic Invisible Thread by Alan Wong


Strong and very thin super elastic invisible thread on a spool. They are already split in single thread approximately each reel has 30m or 100 ft. Can be used reliably for floating and animation or make your own elastic invisible thread gimmicks.

Supply of one spool of continuous thread only with no instructions.




Another original design by Alan Wong in addition to the Flash Sharpie and Flash Wands, the Extreme Flash Thumb Tip contains a high capacity lithium rechargeable battery with super bright LED unit which gives you a burst of white light at the push of a button. A versatile invisible electronic flash unit that you will use.



POP DECK by Ruben Goni


coming Sept 5th

Directly from Argentina, comes Ruben Goni latest creation.

Pop Deck is a highly visual, ready-to-perform effect that will blow your spectators' minds.

You can do it anytime, anywhere.
It is fully automatic and very easy to perform.

You get five Gimmicks to perform several...


Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope SET by Alan Wong


The Tyvek Himber Bank Envelopes package contains:

  • Five Tyvek Himber Bank Envelopes BROWN each measuring 18cm x 10cm that will fit any sized bank notes.
  • Each side of the himber envelope has a removable partition.
  • Five additional Tyvek normal matching bank envelopes each also has a removable partition.


Old Hong Kong Playing cards


Hong Kong - Known as the "city that never sleeps". In many films, shows & games, there are two most iconic signatures of Hong Kong - the NEON sign on the street & the dinning culture.

Hong Kong-themed deck

  • Custom tuck box, pips, and courts!
  • 54 Poker size playing cards (52 cards + 2 Jokers)



Owl Playing Cards

Owls have big eyes, but it is difficult for us to understand them through their eyes. This is what makes them mysterious. It is not difficult for us to find the figure of owls in different magic works, they are like having magic, containing a mysterious power that can give people energy.

Hanson Chien to help us print this series of...


Invisible Pass by Jawed Goudih video DOWNLOAD


Sign a card on both sides and it silently and invisibly rises from the middle to the top of the deck.

100 percent sleight of hand.

No gimmicks.

Download it today!


Tip by Radja Syailendra video DOWNLOAD


TIP is natural way to control a card.

This handling and technique is simple and easy to learn.

In this video tutorial you will learn 3 different routines to use this technique.

Watch the video demo and learn it now!


Anti-Gravity Invisible Deck Display by Alan Wong


This is a magical anti-gravity deck display stand and object of curiosity.

It looks magical enough by itself and illogically logical to lead into the play for the invisible deck routine where you take the clear box off the anti-gravity stand, open it up and take out an invisible deck and proceed to perform.

You can also use...


The Crystal Billet Box by David Regal


This is a gimmicked box that has been precision-crafted from thick acrylic that enables a performer to switch a group of billets, force an item, make something appear, make something vanish, and can even be used as a prediction chest.

It comes ready to go, along with a few extras that give the performer some options that further increase...


Las Vegas Gambling Guide by Matthew Pomeroy


What happens in Vegas stays IN YOUR POCKET...
...Take these two beautifully printed books with you and have access to over fifteen... (yes, fifteen!) different effects for close up and stage!

The Las Vegas Gambling Guide books look like they've been picked from the side of any of the strip's dazzling hotels....


COiN ARTIST Quarter Card Pack (6 coins per pack) by Mark Traversoni and iNFiNiTi



Welcome to a joint collaboration between Mark Traversoni and Mark iNFiNiTi; this is where Phantom Artist meets Coin Magic.

We've printed an epic range of beautifully scorched impressions onto US Quarters.
No DIY, no burning around stencils, no black sooty fingers - your set of 6...


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