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Tricks: New Magic

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Minify by Kev G & Lord Harri

Introducing Minify, an amazing card effect that will leave your audience surprised and stunned! With the innovative gimmick, you can perform this incredible trick with ease, while your audience is left guessing how you did it.

Minify allows you to have a card selected from a shuffled deck, remembered, and shuffled back...


SHAMROCK CUP Quarter by Chazpro Magic

Effect: With the Shamrock Cup, coins vanish and appear. There is no end to the possibilities. Coins vanish one at a time or 2, 3 or 4. Coins travel from one location to another. This item is a creative and novel variation on the coin cup. The cup allows the performer to dump out 1, 2, 3 or four coins, depending on how the cup...


SURYAS DEVICE by Surya kumar


Surya's Device is the next evolution in ITR technology, this is not to be compared with any other ITR release from the past. This takes IT to an entirely new dimension, opening up a new realm of possibilities. Unlike the ITR that depended on an external anchor point, this device is self-contained and perfect for the close-up or...


TIME CHALLENGE by Hugo Valenzuela


A new classic of magic.

A card is chosen at random and signed by an assistant!

The magician asks the assistant to insert the card into the deck while the magician calculates the time it takes for it to disappear.

The assistant introduces the card and after a few seconds the magician's alarm clock starts to ring.



A Cheaters Dream by Astor


Martin Lewis's routine is the most powerful poker dealing demonstration I ever seen.

As a first effect even the cards of the 25 cards pile are shuffled randomly face up with face down cards, dealing five poker hands the spectators realizes that only the cards of the Royal Flush are face up among the face down cards and they appear...




This is a gambling effect where the spectators have the chance to win a banknote, with no financial risk. There are two envelopes, one red and one black. In one of these envelopes is a bank note. From a shuffled deck the spectators eliminate cards until there is only one left. The spectator can win the banknote if the color of the last card...


Rosen Roy Martini Glass by Rosen Roy


The Rosen Roy Martini Glass brings a brand-new name to cocktail craftsmanship with an added touch of magic. Designed by master glass magician Rosen Roy, this one-of-a-kind glass is unbreakable, remarkable, versatile.

This magnificent martini glass is perfect for flair bartenders who want...


The Floating LADY by Zanadu Magic


Magically levitate the princess over a Bicycle Back playing card!

Place the princess on the card and she slowly rises only to gracefully returns back to the surface of the card, she may be removed and handed to the spectator for examination. You can even use your own match, toothpick or the supplied cut-out princess.

Easy to...


The Token of Life by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong


The performer introduces a folded paper package, saying that its contents represent the three levels of consciousness.

Each folded layer is opened, revealing another inner paper package, each sheet with a written title of that particular level of consciousness.

From within the final, smallest packet, the performer removes...


WONDER WALLET US by Astor (US version)


The Wonder Wallet is handmade from high quality German plastic material, this guaranties the long durability of it.

The performer takes out from his pocket a wallet which has a rectangle hole in the middle. Just a small shake and a real banknote appears faster than a blink of an eye in the inside of the wallet. The appeared...




This system has been known for a while already and has been widely used for paranormal presentations or wacky offbeat acts. Unfortunately the entertainment industry was never able to produce this kind of gimmick because the technology involved in making a product of this standard was too expensive for this small a market. Hottrix changed...


Money Printing Machine (Stage Size) by Mr. Magic


Make every spectator's fantasy a reality. Turn paper into real money. Currency is fully examinable.


Table Hopping Cups & Balls


This set of cups and balls is designed to fit in your sport coat jacket.

Comes is finely polished brass or chrome.

Cups stand 2 inches high with a 2 inch cup mouth.

4 crochet balls are also included.


Assassin by Steve Spill


Performers kill an audience, slay 'em, knock 'em dead.

These are life and death terms. Are magic and comedy forms of passive aggression?

Magic is a couple letters away from tragic, laughter is only away from slaughter, and when an act fails, it died.

Don't die. Kill. Be an Assassin.





John Leung is one of the most respected legendary mentalist in China. And he is also a college teacher.

John have performed over 700 hundred shows over the last ten years.

The effects in this book are some of the creations from John's working materials,all of them are tested in real performance to real people. John put...




A new retention vanish technique!

From the mind of Alex Soza comes a series of routines that utilize this new retention technique.

Learn from a coin master and download it today!


Impossible Control by AleMagix video DOWNLOAD


Impossible Control by AleMagix is without a doubt a BOMB effect!

If you thought you had seen the impossible with Without Control, you had not yet witnessed this!

The deck shuffled... A card picked and scattered... An absurd series of shuffling, flipping, and cutting... EVEN BY BENDING!

Yet in the end......


Levitators by Zoens video DOWNLOAD


A card levitates!

  • No IT
  • No wire
  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • Easy to do and very fun to perform.
Looking for a unique and different method?

What are you waiting for?

Learn it now!


Tag Changes by Tybbe Master & Zoen


A random card is placed in a name tag and then it instantly changes into the spectators chosen and signed card!

  • No magnets.
  • No threads.
  • No black arts.
  • Simple and easy to do.
  • Fully examinable.
Learn it today!


WINK by Stefanus Alexander video DOWNLOAD


You crease a signed playing card and it moves magically jumps to the opposite end of the card and back!

No forces.

The card can be signed.

No flaps no magnets.

A hyper visual masterpiece perfect for live or social media.


Office by Leo Smetsers


From the creative mind of Leo Smetsers comes OFFICE, a classic stand up effect scaled down and modernised. The Pom Pom stick has been a favourite with stand up magicians for many years.

The effect is entertaining and baffling, unfortunately the prop now looks extremely dated. Leo has created what he calls his office. A crazy...


Pr3miere by Nikolas Mavresis and David Jonathan (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)



"A brilliant mixture of methods, revelations and a beautiful kicker ending. I would do this in any of my shows in a heartbeat."
- Marc Spelmann (X)

"I have never been so fooled. This is an incredibly practical routine that is so easy to do and really clever. I always knew combining...


ACCOMPLICE by Danny Weiser & David Regal


David Regal presents Danny Weiser's ACCOMPLICE

ACCOMPLICE is a customizable utility gimmick that allows the performer to perform a variety of effects with playing cards:

  • FIND A CARD after the deck has been cased and pocketed
  • TRANSPORT A SIGNED CARD from one place to another


First Class by Spooky Nyman


First Class by Spooky Nyman A powerful prediction of a freely chosen country. Each card is shown to be different and the card really is a free choice.


Locator Deck by Gogo Cuerva


(Red Rider Back) Instantly locate selected cards even when the deck is shuffled behind your back!! An underground secret used by only a few magicians is now yours.

It's not a stripper deck. It's not a Svengali deck. It doesn't use rough smooth, or short cards, or thick cards. The secret is virtually indetectable,...


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