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Following feedback from customers who enjoyed the feature of TWO pockets in our "Christmas Bandana 2022", we have decided to release a new model of TWO pocket devil's pocket squares.

The pocket square measures...


GO NUTS by Matthew Wright


Instantly load a ring, inside a walnut, inside a kinder egg, inside an orange inside a bag!

An incredible walkaround nest of boxes routine based on the classic stage trick lemon, egg and walnut.

Matthew Wright has been working on this plot for over 15 years and is finally ready to release his close-up version of this reputation...


Marcel`s Okito Box by Marcelo Manni


Marcel's Okito Box for a coin is an ingenious creation of the Argentine Illusionist Marcel.

This is an Okito style box for an only one coin. Due to its size, weight and morphology, it allows the magician to carry out completely new movements, which makes it unique for its revolutionary handling.

For Half dollar coin...


Letters from Juan Volume 1 by Juan Tamariz


"As a wise friend sharing love and guidance, Juan brings you into the fold with charm and warm words: showing his heuristic voyage with deep insight into some astonishing routines and philosophy. Each letter arrives with laughs and diverse ideas for the practical wonderworker. Having a pen pal has never been so exciting!"
- Paul...


Six Impossible Things Box Set (includes Full Show, Limited Deck of Cards and Lapel Pin) by Joshua Jay


Go behind the scenes of Joshua Jay's sensational off-Broadway show Six Impossible Things. See the show and discover the secrets with the "Six Impossible Things Box Set (Standard Edition)".

When Vanishing Inc. first released the signed & numbered "Six Impossible Things Deluxe Set", it instantly became one...


The Vault - Riptide by Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD


A torn card instantly restores itself!

Rip off the corner of a playing card and watch it instantly restore itself without ever touching the card.

Easy to make gimmick.

Card 100 percent examinable after restoration.

Instant and impossible.

Download it today!


Signature Deck by Dominique Duvivier


In 2008, Mayette Magie celebrated its 200 years of existence and Le Double Fond its 20th anniversary.

To celebrate this exceptional double event, Dominique Duvivier organized 29 exceptional evenings with 17 French and international magicians!

Each spectator and each magician signed a blank card, more than 1200 autographs...


The Wizardly Book Test (Online Instructions) by Josh Zandman



  • Harry Potter book test
  • Adapted flashback
  • Tossed out book
  • Pegasus page
The most anticipated and exciting book test of all the Zandman Book Test titles! You're purchasing the title, Grimm's Fairy Tales. The Harry Potter books are the real books and sold separately:



Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set (Stainless Steel)


Tommy Wonder is a legendary close-up magician whose influence on close-up and stage magic spans over 40 years. He is noted for many celebrated close-up effects, most of which have been published in his seminal work, The Books of Wonder, along with original diagrams and prop descriptions.

One of Tommy Wonder's oldest and best-known...


Twisting by Dominique Duvivier


Everyone knows Dai Vernon's classic Twisting the Aces, but not everyone has the time to work on the techniques necessary to achieve this miracle...

This is why Dominique Duvivier has created this fully automatic version.

However, let's recall the effect:

We show the four Aces.

The cards magically turn...


Bicycle 2 Faced (Mirror Deck Same Both Sides) Playing Card


So, you're ready to take your magic up a notch?

Murphy's Magic's, 2 Faced (Mirror Deck Same Both Sides) Bicycle Playing Cards will make you look like a pro as you perform your best tricks and sleights with ease.

This is a complete deck of cards, with all 54 playing cards represented as a double faced card.


Ian Adair`s Mind Blowing Mentalism by Ian Adair & Phil Shaw


Ian Adair's Mind Blowing Mentalism features 40 mentalism routines and ideas from the brilliant mind of Ian Adair.

The effects within this 144 page book are published for the first time.

There are some real gems here that are not to be missed.


Vallarino by John Lovick and Jean-Pierre Vallarino


A FISM-winners lifetime of work compiled into one unbelievable book from Vanishing Inc.

Jean-Pierre Vallarino is one of the most talented magicians to ever live. Throughout his decades-long career, he has continually created some of the most poetic and entertaining magic our community has ever seen. Yet, some magicians may not instantly...


Band Through Deck by Romnick Bathan video DOWNLOAD


A rubber band impossibly penetrates a card!

  • No magnet
  • No flap
  • Make this easy gimmick in seconds!


Flash Changer By Anthony Vasquez video DOWNLOAD


One card changes into another in a flash!

Easy to make and totally examinable.

Download it today!


CONCEALED by Peter Eggink


An ultra quick and ultra easy card to pocket.

Any card is selected and is signed by the spectator. Next, the card is lost back in the pack and with just a tap of your sharpie, the card has magically vanished from within the pack - you explain that the card has gone through an actual portal. With no funny moves or whatsoever your empty...


The Vault - Hy-Pe by Casper Ryan mixed media DOWNLOAD


Hy - Pe = Hypnotic Persuasion

I have been performing hypno based effects for around 10 years. If you have never performed hypnosis before... Then start here. This is not hypnosis. This is pseudo hypnosis.

The best thing about this download is that if these effects are performed well, it can lead to actual hypnosis!



4D BOX (NEST OF BOXES) by Pen, Bond Lee & MS Magic


The 4D BOX (Nest of Boxes) is one of the most powerful card to impossible location effects; here is our version of this incredible magic.

Spectators can freely pick and sign any card; it is then vanished magically. The magician then displays a beautiful wooden box wrapped with multiple rubber bands. The spectator is instructed to...


DUSTY (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Rian Lehman


This is the most fun you will have with sponge balls. An innovative and situational way to get into your sponge ball routine that makes PERFECT sense. Pull dust bunnies from ANYTHING and get started.

Comes with 4 dust bunnies. The Polyfoam we use is USA made and manufactured. Hand dyed.


Ink by Bond, Pen & MS Magic


Imagine you can control the flow of liquid like a superhero; this is what it would look like.

You display a few ESP cards and have the spectator select one of them. Then you drop a few drops of ink on a piece of white card. On your command the ink starts to move and form their selected ESP symbol and you can hand the card to your...


Call of the Wild by John Bannon


John Bannon's innovative routine is an entertaining, updated, version of the classic "Wild Card" plot. It has all of the qualities of a perfect routine. It contains a solid story based on the classic Magician vs. Gambler conflict and a new triple climax.

The contest begins with eight blank cards and the Ace of Spades. The magician's...





  • High quality cards
  • Easy level techniques
  • For every audience
  • For both, professional and amateur magicians
A fun card effect where green-backed leprechauns inexplicably turn over and magically change color, forming a beautiful rainbow. At the end of the rainbow a great treasure...


STAR DRAWS (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Jamie Williams and Matthew Wright


Star Draws by Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams is a simple yet powerful close-up piece of magic and mentalism.

The spectator freely chooses any one of six crayons from a crayon pack and is then asked to think of something associated with that color. Using magicians stealth and the Jedi "force" the spectator chooses a character...


YU HO JIN 8 by Yu Ho Jin


YU HO JIN Magician's Manipulation Card has been upgraded to YU HO JIN 8 in 8 years.

YU HO JIN 8 is a product that YU HO JIN Magician released by accepting what he felt while doing Manipulation and what many people thought.


1. Waterproof
2. Increase durability
3. Elasticity increased...


Bamboozlers Vol. 4 by Diamond Jim Tyler


Once again there are 75 bits of business like the previous volumes. This is the biggest volume yet.

Volume One had 128 pages, Two had 136 pages, Three had 144 pages and Four has 188 pages. There's more jokes and longer routines. It is the same high quality with heavy stock pages, a faux purple leather cover, plus a purple silk...


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