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Tricks: New Magic

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JAWBREAKER by Rasmus Magic


For the first time in magic, you get the ability to detect 3 different colored, heavy plastic balls (orange, blue and green) at 3 different locations. No electronics and 100% silent! You know exactly and accurately, where each ball is. The spectator places one ball in his pocket, puts one ball in the left hand and the third ball into his...


Mysterious Snake by Mago Flash


Introducing Mysterious Snake!

A new twist on a children's magic classic. It is nothing more and nothing less than a magical green snake inside a basket. A magician says that he will turn the snake blue. A magician passes the snake behind his back and it automatically turns blue. At that moment, the children in the audience...


The Architect by Matthieu Hamaissi & Marchand De Trucs


Matthieu Hamaissi is a coin-magic genius who crafts every element of his routines, from premise to performance, with architectural precision. His magic is pure, highly visual, and avoids complicated sleights. In The Architect, Matthieu will guide you through all the details and subtleties that will enable you to present the...


The Symbook Book Test by Pepe Monfort


With Pepe Monfort's SYMBOOK you will learn a powerful method that will allow you to perform an extraordinary telepathic experience with one or several spectators under extraordinary conditions:

1. The spectator takes the book and OPENS IT FREELY TO WHATEVER PAGE HE LIKES.


Transient Coins by Roy Kueppers

A coin is plucked out of the air and shown around. A second coin is found on the sleeve of an audience member. A third coin is then found on the Magicians sleeve and brought together with the other two, but wait, one of the other coins has vanished! The Magician attempts to find the missing coin on his other sleeve when it appears at the...


LUCKY STAR by Hanson Chien


A rubber band turns into a star.

From a sleight of hands into a real magic and finally ends in spectator's hand

"Lucky Star is one of my favorite rubber band routines, it shows the different faces of magic."
- Hanson Chien


First you show a normal rubber band, then you instantly...




Imagine this: A borrowed signed coin is placed on top of a sharpie cap and is covered with an ordinary glass. Under such impossible circumstances, you are still able to move the coin on demand! Everything is EXAMINABLE and the only solution your spectators left thinking is that you really do have PSYCHIC POWER!

"Whoa. Great work...


The WMS Gaff Deck


This is The World Magic Shop Gaff Deck.

For the first time. 6 incredible stand-alone effects in one deck of cards with all tutorials supplied.

"This has got to be the best deal in magic!"
- Craig Petty

One by Matthew Underhill
In an updated version of Anniversay Waltz, two initialed...


The Awakening by Dan Harlan


An iconic rope routine re-imagined into one of the most visual pieces of rope magic you’ll ever see. Three pieces of rope transform into three pieces of rope that are all the same size. Before you think to yourself, “Oh, the Professor’s Nightmare,” we should probably mention one thing. You can separate the rope before and after...


The Quick and the Dead by Mark Strivings


"Holy sh*t! I'm completely blown away. I thought this was going to be a small little manuscript. There is so much information here!

"While this is not meant to be a complete encyclopedia of "living and dead tests"'s very close!

"Dozens and dozens of routines and ideas are taught. To me many of the little...


With - Draw by Brent Lill video DOWNLOAD


Use a borrowed phone as an ATM machine!

Really I shouldn't be giving this effect away! I am having way too much fun performing With-Draw!...But who am I to stop you from having a good time?

So you are the go to guy for the unusual and you are also addicted to making gimmicks?

Here's one more gimmick...


The Vault - EYEPOPPER by Johannes Mengel video DOWNLOAD


"Between Johannes' Breaking Point and his brilliant new effect, I now have a powerful, realistic and shocking close up set I can do at a moment's notice with nothing on me but a single coin. I highly recommend this release!"
- Dee Christopher (Star of BBC's Killer Magic)



ACROSS by Gustavo Raley


Have fun with this Gustavo's new effect.

You could pierce an Oreo with any kind of object such as a ribbon, sharpie, hankerchief, a straw, etc. After that, show it completely restored and eat it.

Gimmick and instructional video included.


Slick by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason


We are super excited to bring you a revolutionary way to peek, ANY WORD, NUMBER, SYMBOL, etc.

(Well there is something, but you will NEVER GUESS)

From a small credit card/business card size holder you...


Bicycle Index Only Playing Cards

A very minimal Bicycle rider back deck with only indices on the faces. No pips, no court characters. This is essentially the exact opposite of our "Faro Edition" Bicycle deck we created a few years ago.

Besides regular card us this is also an ideal deck for magicians to use for sign a card routines or for use as gaff cards.



Smoke Watch PRO (Smart Watch) by Joao Miranda Magic


In 2016 Joao Miranda invented the smoke watch, a truly revolutionary prop.

For the first time magicians could produce smoke sleeveless.

Since then it has been performed professionally both on TV and live shows by some of the world's best magicians.

Producing smoke enhances almost every magic effect, either for a...


ECC by N2G

Getting endless money out of thin air is people's imagination of magic ability since ancient times.

Based on the classic magic method, we are proud to introduce ECC to you.

Four ancient coins miraculously changed positions on the desktop, and finally magically turned into sixteen ancient coins.

High quality as always,...


You`re Only Lying To Yourself (includes download with performances and explanations) by Luke Jermay


A massive 4-hour download and accompanying hardcover book filled with one-of-a-kind card magic from one of the world's leading mentalists, Luke Jermay.

Many pure mentalists often shy away from playing cards. So, it may come as a shock to learn that Luke Jermay actually loves card magic. The world-renowned mentalist has spent...


MELTY by Jordan Victoria

With MELTY you will now be able to take the classic Sharpie™ through card to the nextlevel.

More logical, MELTY allows you to visually penetrate a lighter through a signed card and giveeverything for examination at the end!

This is the best object through card you'll ever have in your hands!



PORTRAIT WOW by Katsuya Masuda and Roman Garcia



Collaboration of Katsuya Masuda & Roman Garcia!

Magicians and spectators are free to write their favorite illustrations.
The illustrations written by the two people are exchanged and stored in a sleeve that allows the inside to be seen through.
The audience has a picture...


Pieces By Adrian Martinus & Agus Tjiu


3 celebrity photos each cut into 4 parts: forehead, eyes, nose and mouth. So there are 3 sets of foreheads, 3 sets of eyes, 3 sets of noses, and 3 sets of mouths. The spectator then randomly chooses a part of the face from each set. There is less than a 2 percent chance that it will be a correct set. The result, of...


The Vault - Skymember Presents Ultra Sense by Daniel Hiew video DOWNLOAD


From the mind of Daniel Hiew, we are excited to bring you Ultra Sense - a REVOLUTIONARY COLOR SENSE ROUTINE THAT FOCUS ON YOUR SPECTATOR'S EXPERIENCES.

This is a complete project full of psychology, mental magic, and natural handlings.

Imagine this:

You pull out a deck of cards and HAND IT to your spectator.


Maxim (App & Online Instruction) by Lloyd Barnes - Instant Download


"A lot of apps come and go with trends. Maxim lives on my homescreen. It's genius."
- Christian Grace

MAXIM is a covert app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you the perfect hands-off reveal for any freely named card in a deck that's been mixed by the spectators.



ASH by Pen & MS Magic


Fire burns, ash remains.

Magician display a piece of blank paper, and have audience examine it. Magician ask the spectator to think of a random card, and when magician burn the blank paper, the card will appear on the ash of the paper.

  • Elegant & poetic
  • Multiple application
  • Easy to do
  • Practical


Maxim Physical Copy (App & Online Instruction) by Lloyd Barnes


"A lot of apps come and go with trends. Maxim lives on my homescreen. It's genius."
- Christian Grace

MAXIM is a covert app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you the perfect hands-off reveal for any freely named card in a deck that's been mixed by the spectators.



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