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Giant Monte - Onosaka

35% OFF
Was $155.00   Now $100.00

The perfect stage Three Card Monte. Works almost by itself. Cards are 9 1/2 x 14 inches. All hand made.


Scream by Jamie Dawes

47% OFF
Was $26.50   Now $14.00

One gun. One bullet. One hacked off finger in one bloodied envelope. One story your audience will NEVER forget!

Imagine every ingredient that makes a killer horror film being used to create an experience like no other.

Over four years in development to give your spectators the ultimate live horror experience!



Art Of Astonishment by Paul Harris - 3 volume set

40% OFF
Was $200.00   Now $120.00

from our estate collection. This is a deluxe collectors Edition. This 3 volume set is in excellect condition.

The complete, ultimate Paul Harris. The material is the best of the best. All of Paul's classics, updated and refined, as well as 73 BRAND-NEW creations! Over 900 pages of Paul Harris! In addition to the...


Close Culls

40% OFF
Was $25.00   Now $15.00

Alongside the double lift and the pinky break, the cull is perhaps the most important move in card magic. Few people do the move correctly, and even fewer use the move for anything other than secretly sorting cards. That all changes with Close Culls.

Singapore's Harapan Ong is a leading expert on all things cull,...


Son Of Simon Says

44% OFF
Was $45.00   Now $25.00

Well, here we all are again, chaps and chapesses! Just when you thought it was safe to sneak back into your local magic emporium, another Lovell tome appears to shake the shelves and throw a bit of dust around! Within the pages here, you'll find some more thoughts on the performance of magic along with forty routines, bits and more....


Heroes of the Nations (Dark Version) Playing Cards

50% OFF
Was $19.99   Now $9.99

Considering the popularity of fantasy-style movies and computer games nowadays, I believe this genre will appeal to many of you. For 2 years, we have been creating numerous heroes and we believe the deck that we've created is a small masterpiece. We hope you will appreciate it as much as we do!

Our lead artist, Oleg Shapkin,...


Heroes of the Nations (Light Version) Playing Cards

50% OFF
Was $19.99   Now $9.99

Considering the popularity of fantasy-style movies and computer games nowadays, I believe this genre will appeal to many of you. For 2 years, we have been creating numerous heroes and we believe the deck that we've created is a small masterpiece. We hope you will appreciate it as much as we do!

Our lead artist, Oleg Shapkin,...


Boarding Pass by Mariano Goni

33% OFF
Was $45.00   Now $30.00

Mariano Goni has done it again!

A true worker both for mentalists and magicians.

This is one of the highest rated tricks we've ever offered. Straightforward, using these days common stuff: QR codes and mobile phones.


  1. Three different boarding passes are introduced. Each one, the...

N7 by N2G

44% OFF
Was $79.95   Now $44.95

Imagine a couple carefully examining two ancient Chinese coins, one red and one black. Then they begin to attract each other like magnets and finally merge into one in the hands of the couple.

This is a miracle full of meaning and emotion. The beginning and end can be completely checked and happen in the hands of the audience.



Noted by Gary Jones

"Noted" is a notepad that turn into a deck of cards that you can then use for your card routines.
Check out the demo

  • No sleight of hand needed
  • Custom made gimmick supplied
  • Comes with DVD with full explanations!


PRINT by Anthony Stan

47% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $15.95

A powerful multi-phase routine where 4 cards appear in the spectator's own hands!

4 blank cards are shown to the spectator. Two are placed in the spectator's hands, and the other two blank cards are placed in your hands. Magically, the faces of the cards appear!

The cards are isolated to ensure no sleight of...


Skymember Presents Artist Series: Luka Kratsashvili (Rubber Band Magic)

50% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $14.95

Introducing "Artist Series" where we Skymember Presents feature some of the most talented magicians' work around the world.

Say hello to Luka Kratsashvili, a young and talented rubber band magician all the way from Georgia.

In this project, you will learn 5 beautiful rubber band:

Dimension Band:...


VULPINE Creations - Amazing Coffee Cups and Beans (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Adam Wilber

40% OFF
Was $250.00   Now $150.00

The Cups & Balls Reimagined

"From someone who loves coffee magic, I can't see how it gets any better than this!"
- Gregory Wilson

Welcome to the Vulpine Creations Coffee Cups and Beans box set. We've taken the classic cups and balls and flipped it on its head. If you've ever wanted to learn...


Grift Sense, Swain

50% OFF
Was $24.00   Now $12.00

Meet Tony Valentine--ex-cop, lifelong misanthrope, sixty-something freelance grifter-hunter. There isn't a casino pit boss alive in the U.S.A. who hasn't employed his special skills of flushing out greedy hustlers one time or another. Only this time, things are different. This time, what at first seemed like an easy job is getting...


Pi Revelations by David Penn

45% OFF
Was $55.00   Now $30.00


iThump/Toxic+ (From V2.4.19)

An incredible revelation of a spectator's PIN Number, Passcode, Date Of Birth or a Random Time, in a 'Dictionary Test Style' within the first fifty thousand decimals of Pi.

Perfect for solo performers, double acts, live performances, or on zoom.



Cardian Angel by Paul Harris

33% OFF
Was $15.00   Now $10.00

As you riffle through the deck, one of the printed angels in the back of a Bicycle deck starts to animate like a cartoon...flies off its bicycle...reaches into a mysterious "angel zone" and drags out an animated card that has the spectator's personal name printed on it's face! And you just met this person! A moment later, the name...


Chase The Ace

54% OFF
Was $14.95   Now $6.95

Chase The Ace - Imagine The Possibilities
We are often called upon to perform magic during times we least expect. Today's spectators have proven to be more difficult to fool than ever before. Chase The Ace is the illusion you can take wherever you go.
Chase The Ace uses one of magic's...


CrossRoads Double Faced - Ben Harris

64% OFF
Was $13.95   Now $5.00

The FOUR DOUBLE FACED CARDS YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! This wonderful set reduces a deck to just 4 physical cards within the Crossroads framework. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, LIMITED EDITION SET. Printed by USPCC. 


This is a set of FOUR CARDS printed with a face on each side....


Deja Vu Deck

32% OFF
Was $18.50   Now $12.50

Any Named Card Appears Under A Spectator's Hand!

The spectator simply names any card that they like. The magician removes a deck of cards, and claims he will make the named selection vanish from the deck. Spreading out the deck, however all of the cards are seen to be missing the faces. Offering to try...


Double Down by Leo Smetsers

45% OFF
Was $82.00   Now $45.00

Double Down by Leo Smetsers is the perfect addition to any Bunko set.

With Double Down, Leo has combined two classic scams the board monte and Fast & Loose. Each one of the effects may be performed separately or perform them together to create a 6-minute Bunko act.

As with all, Leo Smetsers effect the props are...


Hummingbird Card

33% OFF
Was $7.50   Now $5.00

A playing card floats and flies around your body like a hummingbird.

On your command, a spinning playing card begins to float in mid-air.
The card floats from hand to hand, and then all the way around your body.
Form a hoop with your arms... the playing card floats through......


ProCaps by Lloyd Barnes

37% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $25.00

One of THE most recognizable magic props of all time just LEVELED UP for the 21st century... introducing ProCaps by Lloyd Barnes.

Known to most as Dynamic Coins or Nickels to Dimes... this classic "beginners" magic toy has remained an all time, global bestselling trick for 3 reasons:

  • Incredibly fooling.
  • Highly...


Richard T. Smiths NUMB (Parlor Size Red) by Card-Shark

50% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $15.00

52 numbers, 4 spectators, 1 magician.
And a 1 out of 6.5 million chance!
The magician takes out a deck of cards with numbers written on the backs from 1 to 52, well mixed. He takes a piece of paper and writes a prediction on it. Not really satisfied, he removes an additional piece of paper and writes a second prediction on...


Signature Deck by Dominique Duvivier

37% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $18.95

In 2008, Mayette Magie celebrated its 200 years of existence and Le Double Fond its 20th anniversary.

To celebrate this exceptional double event, Dominique Duvivier organized 29 exceptional evenings with 17 French and international magicians!

Each spectator and each magician signed a blank card, more than 1200 autographs...


Hors Limites (2 DVD Set) by Dominique Duvivier

67% OFF
Was $60.00   Now $20.00

This 2 DVD set concludes the triptych started with "The Attic is in my safe" and "Melting Pot". Dominique Duvivier traces the atmosphere sessions between experts.
Nuggets to achieve unexpectedly or not. To consume without limits!

12 routines and objects filmed in public, explained in detail.

"Love Dominica magic is...

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