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Jeff Sheridan Stand-Up Stun- #4

73% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $9.58

On this volume, Jeff Sheridan shares some amazing effects suitable for parlor and platform.
This is innovative, cutting-edge magic that will excite even the most jaded audiences.

Cheek To Cheek - A packet of cards is repeatedly mixed up in face-up/face-down fashion yet rights itself - and the fact that it's repeated over...


Joined by Dario Capuozzo and Titanas Magic

68% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $9.58

Looking for the easiest, yet most visible and practical methods for a torn and restored card?
Dario Capuozzo has created an elegant solution to prior T&R's that you are going to love.

  • NO magnets
  • NO threads
  • NO sticky stuff

    This is no ordinary T&R
  • Instant reset
  • Perform surrounded


    KAPOW! by Cameron Francis and Liam Montier

    68% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $9.60

    A MASSIVE TWENTY SIX killer pieces of card magic from the minds of Liam Montier and Cameron Francis - TWO DVDs and TWO EBOOKS!

    BBM superstars Cameron Francis and Liam Montier team up to deliver a MONSTER amount of ass-kicking card magic awesome! Featuring material from their acclaimed joint PDFs 'Released' and...


    Kainoa on Coins: Three Why

    68% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $6.40

    Kainoa on Coins brings you the best sleight-of-hand and presentations from the Big Kahuna of Coins himself, Kainoa Harbottle. This series provides you with step-by-step techniques from one of coin magic's greatest practitioners.

    Follow along, and you too will be able to master some of the most magical and practical...


    Karrell Fox The Legend

    68% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $11.18

    Popularly known as "The King of Korn," Karrell Fox was truly one of magic's singular characters. He was a superb performer in almost every branch of the magical craft - comedy, mentalism, children's entertaining, trade show presentations, and more. At sixteen years of age, he managed a magic shop and then went on to appear on famous...


    Kenton`s Full House

    90% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $3.63

    Kenton's Full House
    by Kenton Knepper

    Kenton is known as a hard-working, award-winning creative mentalist.

    But we all need to have some FUN sometimes too! Wait until you see how Kenton relaxes with a deck of cards...

    In this jam-packed DVD some of the most unusual card effects and...


    Killer Kitson by Bob Sheets

    68% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $11.20

    The killer Kitson Miracle is Bob Sheets powerful and entertaining routine for Patrick Page's Three-Card Monte.

    You're doing walk-around surrounded at a corporate function, and everyone has a gooey spare-rib in one hand and a drink in the other. You don't have a table to set anything down on and you don't want them...


    Klose-Up and Unpublished - Knepper

    68% OFF
    Was $22.50   Now $7.20

    You may be amazed at how astonishingly easy most of this material is to do. When Kenton revealed his secret in his lectures, magicians nearly fell to the floor. They couldn't imagine what they had seen was so simple.

    This is the very same special material the Kenton has used to make a living doing close-up. This DVD comes...


    Kranzos Comedy Magic and Mind Reading Lecture

    68% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $11.18

    Watch Kranzo lecture for a live group of magician and mentalists. Kranzo is funny and entertaining as always in this JAM PACKED teaching DVD. Do yourself a favor and make your magic better by watching a Kranzo Lecture now.

    The MEGA COIN Slap
    This is the routine that Kranzo has honed for 15 years.
    See the newest version...


    Larry Jennings - A Private Lesson

    65% OFF
    Was $27.50   Now $9.60

    Larry Jennings was one of the greatest sleight-of-hand artists who ever lived. Over the course of his 64 years, he developed many classic plots in card and coin magic. Lots of Larry's magic has been described in books, videotapes, and DVDs. But, the books often failed to capture the nuances in his work, and he was usually nervous during...


    Las Vegas Card Miracles - Ackerman

    68% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $11.20

    Deceptive Card Magic for the Discerning Conjuror.

    Allan Ackerman is one of the world's foremost experts at sleight-of-hand magic and gambling moves with playing cards. On this incredible DVD you will be treated to a treasure trove of elegant and deceptive card magic from Allan Ackerman, the "Las Vegas Card Expert"! These are...


    Legacy - Mark Raffles

    68% OFF
    Was $45.00   Now $14.40

    Join the world's number one pickpocket in this limited edition collector's DVD. For the first time on DVD Mark Raffles reveals his entire act...A show that inspired a generation.

    • A history of the act
    • Mark explains how it all began.
    • Archive footage featuring rare tv clips...
    • The Magic Circle Show (1981),...


    Legend by Justin Miller and Kozmomagic

    68% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $8.00

    In an attempt to be charitable you explain that one of your audience members has a REAL chance to win some money, let's say $100 (it can be any denomination of any country). You place a card face down into the empty card-box with the folded, desired currency and you hand the box and money to them (or just lay it on the table). You ask...


    Lethal Weapons by Stephen Leathwaite

    68% OFF
    Was $29.99   Now $9.60

    This is Lethal Weapons, a collection of hard hitting routines from the amazing Stephen Leathwaite. Running at nearly two and a half hours, this DVD features seven routines that hit hard and pack a punch!

    Stephen's amazing vanishing lighter routine. Borrow a lighter, light a cigarette with it and now...


    Lets Get Flurious - Kurtz

    62% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $9.58

    Here it is! An intensive new instructional DVD from one of magic's hottest creators and performers, Gary Kurtz. Fresh from the success of an international lecture tour, and his best-selling book, Unexplained Acts, Gary performs and explains nearly 90 minutes of top-quality magic.

    Included on this outstanding DVD is Forced...


    Live in China by Franz Harary

    68% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $9.58

    For the very first time, this remarkably candid documentary takes you backstage and behind the scenes to detail the "real work" of being a mega-illusionist. Join Franz and his Mega-Magic team as they summon all their passion and dedication to triumph over impossible obstacles that threaten to shutdown the entire...



    33% OFF
    Was $14.95   Now $10.00

    Lol James earns a great living as one of London's busiest kids magicians. This DVD captures two of his shows. For the tricky 3 to 4 year age group, Lol presents a thirty minute show that leaves his audience of 250 enchanted. This is followed by excerpts from a private party for the 7 to 9 year olds, complete with Headchoppers and Sawing...


    Locked In A Room Without Coins by Craig Petty

    68% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $8.00

    Craig Petty is back and this time he's left his coins at home. Featuring ten killer routines designed to be used in the real world to real people. Most of the routines require just a regular pack of cards and any moves required are fully covered in the 'sleights section'. This is material that you WILL use; all routines...


    Loophole by Cameron Francis

    68% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $9.60

    An Ambitious Card Finale


    A signed card, having been placed back into the center of the pack numerous times, continuously makes its way back to the top of the pack, seemingly of its own accord!

    For a finale, you propose a 'test conditions' experiment to test the cards seemingly unbound desire to...


    MCF (Multiple Card Find) by Sean Heydon

    68% OFF
    Was $32.00   Now $10.24

    There is a reason that this is Sean Heydon's opening routine at every single close-up magic engagement!

    It is perfect for Banquets, Weddings, Corporate Events, and Restaurants, and YOU CAN LEARN IT!

    With your performance, you will instantly gather a crowd, generate energy, and engage your audience in multiple moments...


    MS Magic Night 2014 Presented by Yoann

    71% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $8.80

    John Guastaferro: A sandwich routine designed for two(2) spectators with an ending that you will likely use forever after.

    Yoann: A multi-phased, visual 2 cards transportation routine with brand new moves.

    Alexandre Wilmes: For the first time ever, Alexandre W has decided to share one of his pet...


    Maestro by David Roth & The Blue Crown

    68% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $6.40

    First there was Bobo. Then there was David Roth. Considered to be the finest coin magician in the world by none other than Dai Vernon, David Roth's skill and creativity with coins is unparalleled. In Europe, he's known simply as "Maestro". On this DVD, you'll learn 4 of David's classic effects - routines that have...


    Magic At The Bar by Chris Randall

    68% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $8.00

    Magic at the Bar with Chris Randall. Learn killer magic to perform in front of or behind the bar

    Desert Rose Torn and restored napkin rose.
    7 digits The greatest pick up trick ever !
    The Exchange A spectators buisness card and the magicians card switch places in the spectators hands.
    Coaster Card...


    Magic Circle Lectures by David Penn and Craig Petty

    63% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $11.20

    David Penn and Craig Petty were both invited to lecture at the famous Magic Circle in London.

    In David Penn's lecture you will gain real world insight into performing close up magic in banquet situations. Learn amazing effects such as producing a glass of water from a spectator's jacket, spoon bending in the spectator's...


    Magic Italian Style - Colombini

    68% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $9.60

    Magic Italian Style - cards and coins with that "mamma-mia" style!

    The master of Mamma-Mia magic, Aldo Colombini serves up a second heaping helping of top-notch magic for beginners, professionals and everyone in between.

    Highlighting this broadcast quality DVD is a complete performance and explanation of Aldo's...


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