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Henrys YoYo - Python

With the Henrys Python yoyo, Henrys took their traditional style of aluminum yoyos with rubber rings and modernized it, adding an oversized, wide D bearing and making it an unresponsive yoyo. That means that you will need to know how to do a bind to make this yoyo wake up when it is sleeping. It will not wake up when you tug on the string....


YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. 201

Yoyofactory f.a.s.t. 201. The yo-yo that started it all! when yoyofactory's president, hans van dan elzen first had the idea of starting a yo-yo company, he had an idea for a yo-yo that would be so unique that it made yo-yoing easier to learn, easier to share with your friends, and ultimately more fun.
This one little idea developed...


YoYoFactory Velocity

Experience the performance revolution of Yoyo factory's Velocity.

Professional Grade Ball bearing which features 100 measured response settings.

Utilizes patented 'adjust-o-matic' dial for setting the perfect response for your individual play.


Viper YoYo by Henrys

The Viper is a 55-gram butterfly shaped yo-yo from Henry's. It features Henry's interchangeable AXYS axle system and strong aluminum hubs with springy colorful shells.