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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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Eye Candy by Felix Bodden and Illusion Series

43% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $20.00

Felix Bodden is well known for being one of the most talented instagrammer in the magic industry. His videos have become viral on many occasions, blowing not only lay people's minds but also magician's one.

Today, Felix Bodden brings us the opportunity to learn three of his most viral videos, giving us the chance to become...


New Horizon by Matthew Wright

50% OFF
Was $50.00   Now $25.00

Matthew Wright has been creating incredible close-up levitation systems for over 15 years and now he has returned to where it all began.

A completely new hook-up system has taken this incredible card floating effect into the stratosphere. It is designed from the ground up to make sure it is totally practical and usable in the real...


The Mindpod by Joaquin Kotkin and Luis de Matos

75% OFF
Was $40.00   Now $10.00


Two sets of cards are shown. They resemble mini iPods and contain the titles of 100 popular songs. The spectator mentally chooses one of the songs. Then removes two cards that bear the title of the selected song. The performer can instantly name the thought-of song. A totally self-working mystery. Includes...


Venom Cube by Henry Harrius


"The method is just as DEVIOUS as the trick itself! Henry is a genius!" - Shin Lim

"The next step in cube matching effects. It’s clean, bearishly and super simple. I will be buying this and I will be adding it to parts of my show." - Steven Brundage

"It is a MAJOR STEP FORWARD In cube matching effects. All you...


Vending Machine by SansMinds Creative Lab

38% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $24.95

In 2015, our genius friend, Julio Montoro from Spain, released Pop Change. We loved the concept so much that we never stopped exploring it for the past 3 years. After having taken the concept through countless real world performances, it has evolved into something that does much more incredible things. If you like magic with everyday objects,...


Incredible Shrinking Finger by Dan Hauss & Paul Harris

75% OFF
Was $20.00   Now $5.00


Your naked pinkie finger is displayed in all its natural pinkie-ness. You gently grasp the tender pinkie with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand...and visibly compress your little finger into an incredibly teeny tiny it's about half the size of the...


spRING by Joonas Mengel


spRing is a long-forgotten puzzle that's been reworked into one of the most classic and iconic plots in magic - the linking rings.

Imagine being able to effortlessly melt a solid ring into the very coils of a tightly wound spring with a visually pleasing and buttery smooth penetration that's done without any help of...


Statue Vanish (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Roy Kueppers


In 1983 David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty in New York City disappear in front of a Live Audience.

Now, 40 years later, you can make the Statue of Liberty Disappear in front of a Live Audience too by using a 2001 New York State Quarter.


A New York quarter is shown laying...


The Mystery Stick by TCC & Jimmy Fan


The Mystery Stick is a modern take on the classic Pom-pom Prayer Stick/Chinese Sticks trick, which was first described in the Chinese magic book published in 1889. This close-up version features a brass stick measuring 13.5cm in length, with four wooden beads attached to each end, one of which is hanging on a cord. When you pull a...


Close Up Linking Rings BLACK (Gimmicks & DVD) by Matthew Garrett

40% OFF
Was $99.95   Now $59.95

These are the nicest rings money can buy. The best ring routines you will see. This set lets you perform a routine joining 4 rings together.

DVD Contents:

  • Start
  • Routine
  • The count
  • Follow along
  • Spectator
  • Unlink move
  • Convincers
  • Link/unlink
  • Final display
  • Taking it further
  • Ninja+...

    Tumi Magic presents Triple Helix by Snake & John Byng

    50% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $19.95

    "It's so visual and practical that I wish it was mine."
    - Patrick Kun

    "That's clearly impossible! I want it in our performance."
    - Les French Twins

    "This is amazing" Your viewers will have no words for what they just saw. That same incredible feeling that you have had when watching...


    Hanson Chien Presents iLevel Pro by Hanson Chien


    In 2013, Mark Elsdon created and released iBalance, which allowed you to balance a borrowed cellphone on your fingertips.

    But that trick became obsolete, as the gimmick doesn't work with any current cellphone. Therefore, with the cooperation with Mark Elsdon, we have created a brand new version - iLevel Pro.



    Vanishing Point (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by William Tyrrell


    Multiple decks instantly vanish, leaving you with just one normal deck of cards. "Vanishing Point" by William Tyrrell is truly the ultimate card magic opener.

    After years of building a reputation as an underground magic gimmick genius, William Tyrrell has partnered with Vanishing Inc. to bring you his first mainstream release....




    Z-Webs is an invisible thread dispenser that you carry around in your pocket. It is definitely not a reel! Z-Webs contains 70 filaments of the highest quality invisible thread. Each reusable filament is about five feet long and can be locked at any length you need. A "Floating Bill" routine is included. What makes it such a practical...


    Dice Flight


    One by one, several solid dice magically travel back into a saucer. Seems impossible, yet is very easy to do.

    Includes dice, metal saucer and instructions.


    Cube 52 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Craig Petty


    "Cube52 opens up a whole new world in cube magic. Absolutely Ingenious!"
    - Henry Harrius

    Cube3 LITERALLY changed the game of Rubik's Cube Magic.

    8 years later...Cube52 is the NEXT evolution.

    Cube52 is an epic 4 Volume project that comes with a totally unique, fully marked...


    Timeless Deluxe by Liam Montier PATRIOT eDITION

    38% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $25.00

    "Timeless" created a SENSATION when it was released in 2010; now it's back and better than ever: a more modern, attractive watch design and band, as well as new routines and improvements. "Timeless Deluxe" is as memorable as it is unique. This effect has been HIGHLY sought-after for years, and it has been performed successfully...


    Andalusian Challenge by Elias D`Sastre


    This is Andalusian Challenge, by Elias D'Sastre, from Malaga.
    Coming sept 25th
    With this new approach to the Chinese Charming Challenge you will be able to perform this classic of magic in a 100% impromptu way, with no extra coin needed.

    The whole routine is divided into four main phases, with...


    THE VASE (by Alejandro Cruz Estepa


    Welcome to the world of magic served in a simple pen holder.

    We take pride in providing magic with a practical tool for use in any situation.

    With an elegant and mysterious design, 'The Vase' is much more than a mere container. It is a gateway to the unknown, where you can make objects disappear, transform them,...


    ZIGYZAG (Gimmicks and online Instructions) by Julio Montoro


    After one of his best sellers: Rejoined Express, Julio Montoro brings you an effect in which he has been working for over 3 years now, bringing a new torn and restored effect using the ZigZag plot, ending up with a 100% examinable card signed by the spectators.

    This is ZigyZag, the newest Zig Zag card illusion.



    EFESTO by Creativity Lab


    The essential accessory for professional magicians and enthusiasts of special effects!

    This mini flash pot has been specifically designed for those who want to create a burst of fire whenever and wherever they desire, without having to use complex electronic equipment. Just load it with some flash cotton, and you're ready to go!



    FLASHPOT LIGHTER by Creativity Lab


    If you're seeking for something both quick and practical, our lighter will become your secret weapon!

    Introducing a Flashpot cleverly disguised as a lighter.

    Load it up with flash cotton and unleash a blaze of fire!

    Crafted with a plastic body and an aluminum barrel.

    Interchangeable flint compatible...


    Ink by BondLee


    Imagine you can control the flow of liquid like a superhero; this is what it would look like.

    You display a few ESP cards and have the spectator select one of them. Then you drop a few drops of ink on a piece of white card. On your command the ink starts to move and form their selected ESP symbol and you can hand the card to your...


    Chaos Cube by Alfonso Abejuela


    A stunning new take on an all-time classic. "Chaos Cube" might just be the ultimate cube-solving routine.

    Daryl and Craig Nichols first introduced us to the spectacular world of instant cube solves with the release of "Enchanted Cube" in the early '80s. In the more than 40 years that followed, magicians have regularly...


    Sharper Pens by Pop Haydn


    One pen operates as a secret pea dispenser. It can hold four or five peas, and deliver them into the hand secretly one at a time. Simply by using the pen as a pointer, "You want shell number one, two or three?" and shifting it from one hand to another, a pea is easily removed from the opening at the top of the pen and hidden in the...

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