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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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Pierce by Jibrizy Taylor and SansMinds

60% OFF
Was $19.95   Now $7.95

Passing solid through solid is a classic and powerful magic illusion. When it's applied on an everyday water bottle that your spectator gets to keep, it's that much more powerful and organic.

Pierce is the famous Skycap on steroid! From the mind of Jibrizy Taylor, his contemporary attempt in achieving a cap penetration effect...


Secret Passage by Jay Sankey

77% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $7.95

A brand NEW collection of extraordinary moments with a 100% ordinary Sharpie marker!


    Visibly CRUSH...

    Andrus Floating Card by Jerry Andrus

    An Andrus classic is now BACK! The Andrus Floating Card is a beautiful illusion. Two separate playing cards are shown. There is nothing in between them or connected to them.

    The two cards are placed onto the palm of the hand. Slowly the top card is seen to magically hover over the second.

    Then to prove there is nothing...


    Gnomo`s Hat


    A new reputation maker, the trick you will be remembered for.

    A game changer in coin magic, the elements are carefully designed to build the biggest impact in your spectators.

    Finally a self-contained story telling masterpiece.

    You have the chance to laugh, tell a story, make a joke, etc any time you want,...


    CRASHING RED by Robby Constantine

    The Sharpie cap is placed on top of a pile of cards then covered with a transparent glass and the effect will show that the magician can flick from the outside of the glass without touching the Sharpie cap inside the glass. This effect is:

    • No electronic
    • No magnet
    • No flap
    • No string
    • No glue stick...


    Skymember Presents: REVISE 5 MARK 2 by Mike Clark


    "Love this! This trick is so perfectly visual and deceptive. It's one of my favorite tricks I've filmed in the last several years."
    - Justin Flom

    "Revise 5 is such a fun effect, it's packed with visuals and it's easy to do!"
    - Nicholas Lawrence

    "Revise 5 is one of the most...


    Tyvek Himber Envelopes BLACK by Alan Wong


    Black Tyvek Himber Envelopes are great utility poker card size, double sided himber envelopes, black color, made in very durable tyvek material.

    They are made for switching and multiple outs:

    • Switch any freely chosen card into your force card
    • Use any two force cards and reveal either one as your prediction
    • Use...


    Chop-Doh by J. Natera


    This version of the famous Chop Cup its great because everyone can relate to it! Is ideal for any type of shows including virtual shows.

    It includes:

    • Two regular yellow balls (simulating to be made of Play-Doh)
    • One chop ball
    • One regular red ball
    • One final load ball
    • One rubber duck
    • Chop...


    Full Contact by Nick Diffatte


    With permission from Meir Yedid and the Mullica estate, Nick Diffatte is proud to present Full Contact.

    Full Contact is Nick's updated handling and variations on Tom Mullica's Sight Savers trick which he performed nightly at the world famous Tomfoolery Magic Bar.

    In Nick's handling a giant contact...




    Welcome to REEL SHARP by Uday Jadugar! This highly crafted pen reel hides in plain sight and can produce some of the most mystifying and magical effects ever!

    REEL SHARP uses strong Kevlar thread and is extremely easy to use. Rethreading and replacing IT is a breeze! Comes complete and ready to go out of the box. Also...


    Mangle by Christopher J. Smith


    "My Mind was left MANGLED after using Mangle! I've been doing it the hard way for way too long. This is going straight into my act." - Morgan Strebler

    "This is a very, very clever gimmick! It works differently to torque, deformer and anything else on the market, You will be able to put some truly incredible, impossible bends...


    Blink Vanish by SansMinds

    75% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $9.95

    There are numerous classic card effects involving a torn corner. There's only one thing missing -- a perfect visual vanish, until NOW.

    SansMinds Creative Lab collaborated with creative talent Robert Lupu from Romania to bring you Blink Vanish.

    Blink Vanish is a vanish that looks like real magic.



    Counterfeit by Magic World

    80% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $4.95

    Six cards. Two free spectator choices. One mental miracle! The name may be COUNTERFEIT but the reactions are REAL!

    Counterfeit is a handling of a packet trick from the devious mind of Stephen Tucker (used with kind permission), with an adapted presentation by Daniel Meadows.

    Imagine this:
    6 cards are displayed...


    Nexus Wallet by Javier Fuenmayor


    "Nexus is the only wallet you will ever need"
    - Tobias Dostal

    "This is the best wallet I have ever seen!"
    - Craig Petty

    Nexus is where form meets function. Where magic and mentalism converge, into a sleek, slim-line, everyday carry wallet.

    Let's start with what this...


    RSVP BOX HERO by Matthew Wright

    Remove, Switch Vanish or Produce...the RSVP HERO allows you to do it all.

    RSVP Box is an amazing utility tool that can make any small object appear, vanish, and transform into another item. Here's an absolute classic of magic reinvented for the modern performer. Available in three different eye-catching finishes, this solid...


    Himber Card Wallet Plus by Alan Wong


    This genuine leather himber card wallet is custom made for poker size playing cards and can be used with most packet tricks and business cards or folded bills.

    Himber Card Wallet Plus has additionally included two brown Tyvek Himber Card Envelopes as a set, which gives you the options from two way out to eight way out, if you...


    Houdini`s Pets by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong


    Houdini's Pets by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

    "Houdini and his wife Bess did not ever have children. Instead they showered their affection on each other, and on the collection of pets they built up. Houdini particularly treasured this photo of him holding several of his beloved pets."



    Triple Exposure by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong


    Triple Exposure by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

    Triple Exposure offers three commercial, funny routines relying upon a clever Dobbo variation on his mentor Roy Johnson's switch frame, that Roy designed specifically for Vic Pinto's wonderful Society of International Magicians routine that was all...


    No Choice Wallet by Tony Miller and Mark Mason


    A small credit card wallet is placed on the table. A deck of cards is GENUINELY SHUFFLED. The spectator removes ANY CARD. This card is slid into the clear credit card holder (NO SWITCH ETC)

    The wallet is flipped over so to show a money clip on the back. Under the clip, there is one banknote. (ANY NOTE FROM...


    CTB by Alexander

    80% OFF
    Was $38.95   Now $7.95

    Stefanus Alexander's CTB is a visual change from Bill to Bill or Receipt to bill.

    This ingenious method allows you to change one bill to another, One Bill To Multiples or even a store receipt to cash for the ultimate recycling!

    Imagine going up to a bar and buying a drink. You try to pay with a $100 bill



    Sweet Disposition by Luke Oseland & OseyFans


    "This is one sweet visual!"
    - Dynamo

    Luke has worked as an underground social media and TV consultant for the last 2 years.

    Occasionally, we get to see an insight or the odd trick from him. But this is something unseen and powerful.

    Sweet Disposition is a surreal, transformation effect that...


    SENSATION by Mickael Chatelain


    Effect 1:

    Take a small pebble out of your pocket, explain that you picked it up at the water's edge during one of your trips.

    Among thousands of pebbles that day, a strange SENSATION pushed you towards it and not any other.

    Since that time, you have always kept it in your pocket as a lucky charm!...


    3D Prediction by Mark Parker

    76% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $5.95

    The performer lays a large envelope on the table explaining that this contains a strange prediction and all will be revealed shortly. A deck of cards is introduced, shown to be all different cards and a selection is made. Let's say that it's the Ace of Diamonds. A giant card is pulled out of the envelope and placed face down on...


    Arrow by SansMinds

    72% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $9.95

    Usually, magic effects are most powerful with a presentation, but there are some good exceptions. Arrow is one of those exceptions.

    The ink comes alive, and the arrow moves in an impossible manner. Not only is the visual strange and entertaining to watch, but it's also highly adaptable to your 'finding card' routine,...


    Sharpie Thru Card by The Hanrahan Gaff Company

    This utility card gaff comes in double backer. Selection is signed, penetrated with a Sharpie, and then handed back out as a souvenir.


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