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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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Moving Home by SansMinds Creative Labs

70% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $8.98

Almost everyone carries a mobile phone these days. Most people probably know more about their phone than their family. What if you can manipulate the beloved phone for a brief moment?

SansMinds Creative Lab is proud to present you the first of its kind. A phone manipulation effect that has never been done before. Moving Home...


Nick Lewin`s Ultimate Gypsy Yarn

70% OFF
Was $149.00   Now $44.70

Are you looking for a powerful feature trick to add to your show that fits flat in your top pocket? Then look no further. Nick Lewin's Ultimate Gypsy Yarn is a sure-fire audience pleaser that never fails to get ovations from spectators. This 100% practical routine is the exact handling that has made it a signature effect in Nick's...


Night Crawler by CF Yuen

70% OFF
Was $24.95   Now $7.49

"That's so good, that's so good. That is SO GOOD! That was all Gregory Wilson said after watching Fung performed Night Crawler in his face!"
- Alan Wong

What is Night Crawler? A ring routine with three keywords: SIMPLE, DIRECT, CLEAN.
Imagine BORROWING a ring from your audience and do the MOST DIRECT ring stunt...


Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright

70% OFF
Was $50.00   Now $15.00

When two creative minds come together and create magic, you know that the end result will be something special.

Outnumbered is a simple "blind" puzzle solve that will leave your audience amazed!!

Rubik's Cube magic, magic squares, and memory feats are some of the most compelling, believable, and awe-inspiring...


Paper Fold Prediction by Sean Yang

70% OFF
Was $20.00   Now $6.00

With only two pieces of paper, you can perform this miracle!

The Paper Fold Prediction is a trick that is self-working and highly versatile; it also contains multiple phases which add layers to your presentation. You can use it to perform a variety of effects, such as prediction, control, matching... etc. And the best thing...


Paul Harris Presents First Hand/Rizer Double Astonishments by Justin Miller/Eric Ross and B. Smith

70% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $8.98

Paul Harris Presents




Justin Miller/Paul Harris

Eric Ross/B. Smith

Watch the Demo:


Justin Miller/Paul Harris

You bring out your wallet and remove four single...


Paul Harris Presents Wishbone by Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert

70% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $10.48

An impossible souvenir with two wood coffee stirrers. They can even be signed!

Snap off two ends, put them in her hand.
The two initialed pieces impossibly melt into a single seamless "wishbone"...which she can keep forever and ever.

Be a Star at Starbucks...or wherever you hang out for coffee.

  • Very easy to...

    Phantom Burn by Alan Rorrison

    70% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $10.48

    Fire has been used in rituals and performances for centuries. It is associated with having mystical properties, and with this new trick in your arsenal, you will be able to harness these magical properties to reveal secret messages!

    Imagine a spectator selecting a card, losing it in the deck, and the magician doesn't even need...


    Pierce by Jibrizy Taylor and SansMinds

    70% OFF
    Was $19.95   Now $5.99

    Passing solid through solid is a classic and powerful magic illusion. When it's applied on an everyday water bottle that your spectator gets to keep, it's that much more powerful and organic.

    Pierce is the famous Skycap on steroid! From the mind of Jibrizy Taylor, his contemporary attempt in achieving a cap penetration effect...


    SCIN (Gimmick) by Phil Knoxville

    55% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $9.00

    SCIN: Signed Card in Nose


    This is for the SCINNERS

    Phil Knoxville brings you the ultimate geek effect, Signed Card in Nose.

    This is SCIN.

    A card is selected from the deck, signed...


    SELFIE by Simon R. Stefan & Alex Pandrea

    70% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $7.49

    Give Their Smartphone a Mind of Its Own

    After a routine, you ask your spectator to pull out their smartphone so they can take a selfie to remember the moment. You ask them to focus on the phone and just imagine that it takes a photo. Without the screen or any buttons being touched, the phone snaps the picture all by itself!...


    SION by John Bukowski

    70% OFF
    Was $34.99   Now $10.50

    A US Quarter visually appears in your hand under impossible conditions. Includes a quarter, pen and complete instructions with additional ideas.


    STASH by Jasper Jongejans and MagicfromHolland

    70% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $7.50

    STASH by Jasper Jongejans and MagicfromHolland is the Card to Impossible Location for the next generation!

    Imagine the reactions you will get when their signed card appears UNDER your transparent phone case! Now you can do an easy card to an impossible location everyone is familiar with!

    So here is...


    SWEET by Smagic Productions

    70% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $10.50

    If you are looking for a way to change your ordinary card routine into something new and strong, SWEET is for you! Visually you change a playing card box directly into a full gum box with the signed card magically folded inside. It's incredible when spectators are screaming while you're performing. It's easy to get that...


    Scatter by Zihu

    70% OFF
    Was $19.95   Now $5.99

    Here's the coolest way to open a pack of gum and then hand it out as a souvenir, with magic! All audiences and people of all ages will be astounded by this effect!

    Great magic has a connecting power that makes people come together. Sometimes it's in our presentation, and sometimes the magic does everything for you. This gum...


    Scratch And Grin by Andrew Gerard

    70% OFF
    Was $15.00   Now $4.50

    by Andrew Gerard

    If you have ever wanted to predict a REAL scratch and win lotto ticket for your audience, now you can!

    Andrew Gerard is giving you an amazingly simple and clever tool to add to your arsenal.

    You can predict a scratch and win ticket held in a spectator's hand from across a room!



    Secret Passage by Jay Sankey

    70% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $10.48

    A brand NEW collection of extraordinary moments with a 100% ordinary Sharpie marker!


    Visibly CRUSH...

    Sharp Impression by Richard James

    70% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $9.00

    The spectator selects a card, remembers it and places it out of view. A second spectator also selects a card and remembers it. With your hands in FULL view, the first spectator takes any lighter. You could use a candle or anything with a flame! Now pinch your thumb and finger together in the flame whilst the spectator thinks of their card.



    Smudged by John Horn

    70% OFF
    Was $41.50   Now $12.45

    John Horn has created the most visual Sharpie revelation ever. Taking the standard Sharpie revelation and turning it on its head creating a moment of instant visual impact!

    Imagine being able Smudge the Sharpie logo to form the name of a selected playing card and now imagine being able to repeat this amazing & magical feat!



    Social Media Wizard by Brad Brown

    70% OFF
    Was $15.00   Now $4.50

    A Selected Card Appears Floating in Front of a Spectator in a Photo on Your Page on Facebook. It's a Fun Routine that Gets You Laughs and Likes!

    Social Media Wizard
    is a fun, laugh-filled, audience participation routine with the final reveal happening on your page on Facebook, driving your audience there to increase...


    Social Mind by Nefesch

    70% OFF
    Was $19.95   Now $5.99

    You can perform SocialMind with: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, ETC.

    Social-Mind a.k.a. MentalGram is a collection of 3 different techniques that will allow you to perform mentalism effects using your spectator's social media on their own phone.

    The techniques are totally impromptu, absolutely practical and super mega easy...


    Solid and Stretch by David Penn and Jonathon Farr

    70% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $11.98

    Mess with your spectators' minds as they fail to return the cap you just removed from the pen. It is literally Solid.

    The only way to solve this problem, is to take the lid back and Stretch it to three times its normal length, before casually re-capping the pen and returning it to your pocket!

    With additional ideas utilizing...


    Stessels Button by John Stessel

    70% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $10.50

    You are the victim of a strange wardrobe malfunction. One of your shirt buttons has been mistakenly sewn right nest to another button. This tragedy would leave the average person in a sad, hopeless sludge of mis-buttoned humiliation. But you are better that that!

    As your empty fingers gently tug the edge of your shirt, the out-cast...


    Stretcher by Jay Sankey

    70% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $12.00

    Shocking magic with a BORROWED item!

    Easy to do + extremely visual!

    Works with any tab from a can of soda or beer!

    The magician asks someone to snap off the tab from a can of soda or beer. The performer then holds the borrowed tab at the tips of his fingers and slowly, impossibly, STRETCHES the...


    Suspenz by Eric Bedard and Vortex Magic

    70% OFF
    Was $55.00   Now $16.50


    Eric Bedard created his original suspenZ 25 years ago. During that time, he shared it with a very small handful of professional magicians who have been performing it in their act.

    Recently VORTEX magic approached Eric and together created an updated machined gimmick that...


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