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Tricks: Dove Magic

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Dove to Rabbit Cage


The magician shows a cage to be totally empty. He places a rabbit inside of the cage. A large cloth (included) covers the cage for just an instant and is whisked away. Now sitting where a rabbit use to be are now two doves. This is a fantastic illusion at a great price. Professional magicians all over the world use this cage principal in...


Dove to Silk Sensation

50% OFF
Was $40.00   Now $20.00

Magician shows a cloth banner and into the fold of it, he places a dove. Holding the two ends of the banner, he pulls them apart quickly and into the air flies a while silk! The dove has vanished!


Latex Canary


Same as the Living Latex Dove, but a canary instead. These are mostly used by magicians in the "Vanishing Bird Cage" effect.

The canaries are bright yellow with glass eyes, and made out latex.


Dove Picture to Real Dove - Tora Magic


The magician shows the picture of a very beautiful dove on the trees to the spectators. In a blink, the real dove surprisingly will appear in magician's hand and is shown vanished from the frame.

The item is made of high quality material with a very interesting design and beautiful picture.


Doves 101 Starter Kit


Andy Amyx presents the Complete Beginner's Dove Magic Package. This comes with everything you will need to perform amazing dove magic! Make no mistake about it, the items in this package are the same that working professionals use and pay a lot of money for separately.

You will get:

  • Doves 101 DVD
  • 2 Pro Dove...


Carnival Ribbons


Carnival Ribbons, originated by Ian Adair in 1959 has become an all-round classic. The apparatus is self-contained and requires no body loads.

A bunch of colored ribbons are waved in the air. Magically a live dove is produced from within the ribbons.


Ultimate Dove Loop Holder


by Dan Sperry

This loop holder locks your loops into place no matter if they are wire or fishing line loops. Just pin this gimmick into your jacket and you'll never have to worry about "fishing" for your loops again.


Dove Production Bag - Dinmare


The Dimmare Dove Production Bag. A wonderful addition to the dove worker's arsenal.

Our Dimmare Dove Production Bag is the finest on the market. Designed by James Dimmare, manufactured by Viking to his specifications. Beautifully made in plush velvet with gold trim.

The bag is shown empty, pounded flat, wrung out...


Everything to 4 Dove Cages - Tora


A large cube is displayed and shown to be completely empty. You then place into the cube silks/balls or even a small rabbit! Amazingly all these items transform into four large cages that hold artificial doves.

This amazing prop is hand crafted and painted to the highest standard by Tora Magic Company and its completely self...


Surprising Dove Box by Tora Magic


A dove is placed into a shrinking box, the box is impaled several times, and the dove is magically unharmed!

Here's what happens:

A box on the magician's table is made of three sections. Its left and right sections are movable and the center one is fixed. The box's size is exactly the size of one dove. The magician...


Dove Frame (Photo) by Mr. Magic


This effect is highly visual and surprising. It is perfect for stage magic and is completely angle-proof.

The magician is seen holding a large picture frame with a beautiful picture of a dove sitting on a tree branch. The magician holds the frame with his left hand with the picture facing the audience. He makes a...


Bare Handed Dove Production


This is a great harness for bare handed productions. This harness design is very safe for your birds and is used by many top professionals. These are perfect for effects such as dove in balloon, fire to dove, and the dove split.


Dove Production Bag


A bag with a zipper bottom is shown. Magician opens the zipper and sticks his arm completely through the bag to prove it's empty. The zipper is closed and th magician reaches and removesa live bird.


Dove To Silk Mat - David Powell


The Dove to Silk Mat has always had a great reaction from any audience.
Effect: The magician shows an elegant mat on both sides like a banner, he then produces a dove from any method he chooses and places the dove into the folds of the mat, now as the mat is popped open the dove has visibly changed into a white silk handkerchief....


Dove Tray


Picture yourself standing in front of your audience holding a large tray containing a balloon.Suddenly the balloon bursts and in it's place is a live dove. The tray is 14 inches square.


Fire Dove Bag


The performer begins by placing a small white silk hank into a beautiful bag. He then sets the contents on fire, flames shooting upwards from the opening of the bag. The fire is extinguished and the bag pulled open revealing the interior,and out flies a real live dove.

Can be used to vanish or exchange other objects in the fire....


Nite Club Dove Vanish


A pair of doves, a small rabbit, or other livestock is placed in this handsomely decorated box.

The box is taken apart piece by piece to show the livestock has completely vanished. They think it's in the base, so you fold this flat - the bird is really gone.

Made from plywood, attractively painted, this makes a big...


Pro Dove Wire


Andy Amyx Black Loop Wire is an extraordinary value. This super thin and very strong black wire is perfect for replacing your original wire or fishing line for your dove bags (holders) and invisible dove harnesses (bare handed dove production). Each spool has 50 feet of wire.


Ultra Quick Release Dove Holder

This holder is designed to be opened with just one hand. It is the simplest holder you will ever use. Each individual holder is hand made.


Velvet Dove Production Bag - Standard (Red) by Viking Magic


Velvet Dove Production Bag - Standard is a beautiful bag using the snap-release method. The bag is shown empty inside and out, yet a dove is produced.

Self-contained. No body loads, etc.; very deceptive.


Automatic Dove Bag by Daniel Ka


A truly clever device allowing for the smooth appearance of a dove one handed. You can produce magically a dove from a silk automatically without any hand movement.

Daniel Ka is an award-winning magician from Spain and devised his one-handed dove bag while building his award-winning doves act. He wanted not only astonish the general...


Dove Bag - Bazar de magia

Produce Doves Professionally with One Hand Operation

Slick one-hand operation without velcro. Bazar de Magia's new harness design eliminates all the hassle with dove productions.

  • Comfortable for the Dove!
  • Silent Operation!
  • Won't Open Early!
  • Hand Washable!
  • Slick-Satin - Eliminates Drag!


Latex Dove Perched


This is a great prop for Stage and Parlor Magicians, Comedians, Entertainers, MCs and Clowns.

Multiple effects can be accomplished such as making a dove vanish in your hands, inside of a silk, making a real dove teleport from one side to the other, appear it inside of a bird cage and many many more!

A classic prop...


Dove Bag (Newspaper style) by Andy Amyx


Andy Amyx Presents Dove from Newspaper using his Ultra Quick Release Dove holder design.

Andy has found the perfect fabric for the classic Dove from Newspaper.

And using his Ultra Quick Release Holder there is never any fumbling to release the dove from the holder.


J.H. One-Hand Dove Bag - Left Handed - by Jaehoon Lim

This dove bag has been through a lot of trial and error, and it has finally been completed.

If you do magic with will want this Dove Bag!

To be able to have your dove go in and out easily and quickly of a bag with use of only one hand was hard in the past but Jaehoon Lim has made the J.H. One-Hand...


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