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Tricks: Gags and Jokes

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Bar Bug In Ice Cube

Want to freak out your little sister? Pour her some juice and place this Bar Bug Ice Cube in her glass! She will think your are just being a nice person, until she sees the bug stuck in her ice cube EEEEK


Dribble Glass


A timeless classic. This fine crafted glass (real glass, not plastic) contains a small hole just large enough to dribble, bit not overtly visible to the suspecting victim.


Phony Squirt

Imagine your victim's surprise when you pretend to squirt them with catsup or mustard, yet the only thing that comes out of the bottle is a piece of red (or yellow) string. What a surprise!

This is great for kids show performers and children also will love tricking people with this classic gag.Both Castup and Mustard styles...


Pride and Joy

A classic gag! Ask your audience if they would like to see a photo of your "Pride and Joy"?

That's exactly what you show them. An photo of "Pride and Joy"

Small 2.25 x 3.25 inches
Large 8.5 x 11 inches


Whoopee Cushion


Hide cushion under a chair so it cannot be seen. When someone sits on it, that loud famous fart sound will be very embarassing.


Bugle Horn


This shiny trumpet shaped horn has a big rubber bulb on the end and really lets out a blast when you squeeze it! Comes with a long golden cord so you can wear it around your neck.


Magic Handcuffs


Escape without a key! Realistic-looking metal handcuffs have a quick-release button. Great for magic tricks or as costume accessory.

Includes 2 keys.


Puff Cigarettes


These fake cigarettes not only look like the real thing but smoke comes out when you puff on them.

Great theatrical prop.

You get 2 cigarettes in a pack.

Note: This product can not be shipped to Australia.


No Tear Toilet Paper


This is so funny!
An ordinary looking roll of toilet paper.
The victim can't find the end or unroll any of the paper.


Super Toothbrush


An oversized toothbrush for those "big headed" indivduals you know. A wonderful comedy item, gag, or plain old novelty. Manufactured in the USA by FUN Incorporated's H. Fishlove Novelty divison. Actual product color may vary. Contact merchant for color selection and availability.


Fart Lollipop


Tastes just like root beer but licking this lollipop will cause comic farting.

A great gag!


Rubber Mouse


This realistic rubber mouse with authentic size and coloring is guaranteed to create panic and mayhem!

Mouse has beady little eyes, clammy "skin," and a twisted tail.


Stink Bombs


Its the legendary classic Stink Bomb! Break one of these glass vials and you'll clear the room in no time. Smells really bad. They will be wondering who to blame it on. Please read warning instructions on box before using. Box contains 36 small glass vials. This item sold to Adults only.


Stink Cigarette Load


Each package contains 6 fun little loads. Place these into an unlit cigarette and when they light it, the room will be filled with an awful smell!


Spy Glasses


These spy glasses make it so you can see behind you. Each lens has a mirror finish on the side so you can see what is behind you and in front of you. Adult sized and quality manufactured.

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