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Tricks: Mentalism

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Access by Rizki Nanda and Skymember

88% OFF
Was $24.95   Now $2.95

What if you could gain access to someone's head and being able to reveal their thoughts in seconds?

Have the spectator think of a number, a name or drawing anything. They write it on a pack of gum, close it and return it to you. The moment you grab the gum, you instantly gain access to the secret information concealed within....


PK BLOCK by Chazpro Magic


This solid wooden block looks like you just sawed it off a board in your work shop. Natural looking and completely examinable.

  • The block is placed on a table (not leaned, like other methods). The performer concentrates and causes it fall over whenever he wants (no guessing and stretching your patter, like other methods). Block is...


Taken by The Other Brothers


Taken by The Other Brothers This is a game-changer. A completely hands-off mind-reading system where the spectator does everything. They write a word. They hide it. You read their mind.

You ask your spectator to write down a word, stuff the paper into an envelope, and put everything in their pocket.

Now you proceed...


SIGABA by Calix and Vincent


SIGABA is a powerful tool to enhanced your revelations. The app allows you to convert a word into an app. You can show a series of single digit that will reveal the thought word, name, company name, star sign, celebrities... And so much more!

SIGABA is always in your pocket, so you will be ready to perform at any time.

  • Convert...


Tyvek Envelope System (10 Envelopes) by Ryan Plunkett


Unlock a whole new world of potential with the Tyvek Envelope System.

"The Tyvek Envelope System is a classy and elegant addition to every magician's performing repertoire. The routines made possible by these super useful and versatile envelopes are limited only by your imagination. Ryan has hit it out of the park once...


The Man Who Knows PRO / PARLOR by Liam Montier



New larger size perfect for close up or platform performances!

Same self-working and devious method!

New double size postcards on luxury 400gsm full-color stock!

You bring out a mysterious red envelope which you leave in full view, and five gorgeous full-color postcards, which show five famous...


Quantum Spoon Bend by Peter Eggink


"Spoon bending" has been mesmerising audiences all over the world for decades. "Quantum Spoon Bend" allows you to use a borrowed, regular un-gimmicked coffee or tea spoon (which may be signed) and visually cause the metal of that very spoon to become liquid right in-between your fingertips as It's slowly bends out of shape only...




Main Effect:
Two slates (Outer Dimensions 11cm x 15cm, Writable Area 8cm x 12cm) are displayed and placed together. A volunteer is asked to "randomly" select an object (for example, a playing card from a deck of cards). The 'spirits' know the information he/she selected! Upon opening the slates there is the selected card...


Skymember Presents Midas Touch by Julio Montoro


Pull out an object from the drawing/flyer like a real wizard!

In 2017, Julio Montoro was assigned a mission to create an opener magic effect for Ms Dania Diaz's America's Got Talent appearance. Imagination is the foundation of everything. When the imaginary is so strong, it will turn into reality.

Enter Midas...


Mental Bell by JL Magic


With Mental Bell by JL Magic make a bell mysteriously ring with the power of your mind.

You can even be standing across the stage or room.

So many uses!

  • Which-hand routines
  • In combination with other mentalism effects
  • Seances
  • And more.
Easy to use. High quality rope and bell.



Kontrol Key


A brass padlock, which is gimmicked in a most ingenious manner, along with several keys. Any of these keys can be controlled by the performer to open or not open the lock. It does not matter whether the performer or a spectator tries to open the lock, it will open or not open when handled as described. Inspired by Anneman's Seven...


Decisions by Mozique

A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectators actions!!

From the creative mind of Mozique comes Decisions. An incredibly organic looking test of precognition. A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectators actions! Using two cards one with the word NO and the other with the...


Classic Time Machine

33% OFF
Was $150.00   Now $100.00


You are looking at a limited production Time Machine. Many in the authority of magic will say the that Time Machine is one of the greatest magic tricks ever invented. Only a limited number of these units were manufactured.

The Effect: There are only a few tricks in magic as astonishing as this... Wearing...


Acro Index Dry Erase Large 5"x8" by Blake Vogt


Change anything into anything! Perfect utility item for stage. With this gimmicked notecard, you can change anything you write into anything you write.

This is an acrobatic flap card built into a regular looking 5"x8" index card. The mechanics are built into the gimmick, so the visual change is self-working. Great for any reveal...


Infinity Watch V3 Version by Bluether Magic


What if you had the power to predict a THOUGHT OF TIME, with absolute accuracy? With this, you now can! Imagine this, you adjust the time on your watch, and hand it off to the spectators. With things out of your hand, and in full view the entire time, the spectators find that the time on the watch MATCHES EXACTLY...


E.S.P.O. by Tony D`Maico and Luca Volpe


Luca Volpe Productions is proud to present the latest effect from Tony D'Amico:

"E.S.P.O." (Extreme Super Prediction Opener).



You show the audience a board containing five E.S.P symbols and you ask one spectator to freely choose...


Infallible by Mark Elsdon

50% OFF
Was $49.75   Now $24.95

Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen! Not only is Infallible a real world worker and self-working, it's also instantly repeatable!

Mark has added the idea of a fantastic video revelation that you text to you spectator and its left on their phone as a memento of the incredible...




A new version of a classic with a totally different method to force any number easily and clearly.
And something else: The prediction is given by one spectator!

With this special notebook you can:

- Make a spectator freely choose a word, celebrity, place in the world or the serial number of one of their bills and match the...


Ringing by Way & Himitsu Magic


Using Ringing allows you to complete a lot of magic effects. Whether it is cards magic, mental, close, palor, as long as you join Ringing, the magic effect will be more magical.

Ringing features:

1. No assistant
2. Very easy to control
3. The controllable distance is very far
4. Can be combined with...


FLASH by Shameer Salim


Imagine doing a Memory Act on your Virtual Show where you remember random choices of the spectator like playing cards, dates, times, star signs, holiday destinations, ANYTHING, welcome to Flash!

Demonstrate Superhuman Memory without doing any memory work.

Unlike an app which does just one thing, Flash is a Toolkit...


Quick Addition

50% OFF
Was $10.00   Now $5.00

With Eduardo Kozuch's "Quick Addition," you will be able to perform just like a lightning calculator.

Removing three lists of numbers (from 100 to 1000) from your wallet and three envelopes, you invite three spectators to each select a number card and an envelope.

Because each envelope has two windows cut into it,...


Thy Will be Done by Alexander Marsh and the 1914


A demonstration of inexplicable cosmic prophecy contained within the esoteric imagery of a SINGLE tarot card.

Mentalism doesn't pack much smaller than this! Carry it always in your wallet for a mystic miracle at a moment's notice with ZERO setup.

Thy Will Be Done requires NO prior tarot knowledge, making it the...


3 Choice by Wayne Dobson & Heinz Minten

33% OFF
Was $59.95   Now $39.95

"Wayne has created a routine that fits my needs; a clever method, direct effect and a lasting impact on my audience... I have made '3 Choice' a feature in my full evening stage show." - Jeff McBride

The wonder worker (that would be you) removes a black wallet from his pocket, flips it open and reveals three different...


The Lookout Wallet by Paul Carnazzo


The Lookout Wallet is a beautiful leather business card wallet with an amazing peek feature!

This Wallet is perfect for formal or casual settings and holds plenty of business cards (it easily holds 40), and it looks completely ordinary. However, it allows you to get a peek in a way that is undetectable to your audience. The...


Pack Small Play Anywhere 2 PSPA Supernatural Show (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bill Abbott


"If you have been on the lookout for powerful AND entertaining mentalism that makes adult audiences jump to their feet in astonishment - you are going to LOVE the Pack Smart Play Anywhere Supernatural Show!"
- Bill Abbott

Pack Smart Play Anywhere. Again.

Developed and showcased at upscale private parties and...

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