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Tricks: Rope Magic

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Roped Evolution by Juan Pablo


Be ready to get shocked and amazed! This magic trick will get you a standing ovation! Juan Pablo's Roped Evolution combines his creator talent with your own magic! An explosive combination! Only a rope, just that makes magic explode. Juan Pablo gives an extra, unbelievable, magic, unforeseeable twist to his own ropes trick... and it...


The Mongolian pop knot 2.0 by Pop Haydn


Pop Haydn is a six-time award winner at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

This is one of his signature routines, first created in 1968 when he was working as a street performer in New York City. It is eight solid minutes of amazing magic, comedy, and charm.

This DVD contains HD video of Pop's...


Stiff Rope

Magician displays a 30 inch long piece of rope. The rope is stretched between the performer's hands horizontally. One hand is released and amazingly the rope stands rigid as a stick. Magician merely blows on the rope and it falls down limp once again.


BTC Parlor Rope over 325 ft. (Extra White No Core)


These ropes are 10mm or 3/8" thick.

Mercerised cotton braided WITHOUT core, white, very soft and extremely loose.

Great choice for parlor or stage.


Professional Linking Ropes by Jeremy Pei


A true reputation maker that looks like real magic! Jeremy Pei has created a fantastic routine that plays for all performers!

Stage, parlor, close-up, Street, Anywhere! 4 high quality, colored ropes are used. This is a complete act that packs flat and plays BIG!!!


Linking Ropes by Ronjo


Effect:You show three ordinary pieces of rope, each about two feet long. A spectator ties the ends of each rope together, forming three separate rope rings. You link the rings together without untying them.
Then the rings are unlinked, again without touching the knots. Finally, the spectator unties each knot. A very visually exciting...


Linking Ropes


Perform the famous linking rings routine with ropes. The three lengths of rope are tied openly in front of spectators and then linked and unlinked at the will of the magician! Completely mechanical and impossible to detect.


Rope To Silk


First a soft piece of rope becomes rigid and stands vertically without support. Then with a stroke of the hand the rope changes into an 18 inch silk!


Linking Ropes Deluxe


The Linking Ropes is a great trick. It can be done close-up or on stage, fits in your pocket,and is an entertaining piece of magic. This set is made from top quality materials and works like a charm.Defininetly an effect that should be in your repertoire.


Rope With Four Ends


Performer displays two pieces of rope. He stretches his hands and the two pieces magically blend into one long piece. Next the rope is shown to have 3 ends, and then 4 ends.A knot is twisted in the middle of the rope. The knot multiplies into 3 separate knots along the rope.


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