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Tricks: Magic Sets

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Collapsable Top Hat - Junior Size


This is a junior model of our folding top hat for younger magicians. In all other respects it is the same as our regular model, except for a smaller brim. With the formed plastic brim and top, and a lifetime stainless steel spring mechanism. Folds flat, and springs out with a snap. Also makes a smart container for your silks and balls,...




The EVOLUSHIN Magic kit by Shin Lim is the most innovative and exciting Magic Kit on the market!

Most magic kits put focus on the "toys" in the kit and not the person performing them. Shin Lim has developed a magic kit focused on the beginner, which makes YOU the star of the show!

Shin did this by creating and adapting...




Ladies and gentlemen! children of all ages! Step right up to the Fantasma Magic Table Set! This deluxe wooden table doubles as a carrying case for over 200 great tricks! Spectators will gasp in amazement as you:

Produce a mountain of candy from the Magic Production Box!

The Baffling Boomerangs will fool your eyes!





A truly original kit unlike any other - a uniquely curated collection of magic tricks all accomplished by amazing scientific principles. Includes virtual video instructions and a companion booklet with additional fun! MADE IN THE U.S.A.

As you learn each trick, first you'll experience the magic, then you'll discover...


Card Magic Set


Want to become a master of cards? This is the magic set for you!

Designed by professional magicians, this magic set is the perfect introduction to card magic. It inlcudes:

  • Booklet - 125 Magic Tricks With a Regular Deck of Cards
  • Booklet - 101 Card Tricks With Trick Cards
  • Deck of trick cards
  • Regular of playing cards
  • Magic...


Mysteries Of The Master Magicians - SET


This set was designed by professionals to teach the basic principles of magic. With practice and the special apparatus it is possible to duplicate tricks of the Master Magicians. Learnto perform the illusion of the Oriental Rice Bowls, Floating Prayer Vase, the incrediblePenetration Frame, Houdini's Chain Escape, the Cups and Balls...


Secrets Of Great Magicians Set


Chock-full of excellent tricks for the beginner, this magic set is packed in a gorgeous, full-color box that features pictures and posters of many of magic's most prominent practicioners of yesteryear, including Houdini, Cardini, Kellar and Herrmann.

Inside you'll find props and instructions for over 100 incredible tricks,...


Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit


As Seen On MINDREAK - #1 Magic TV Series of all time.

Message from Criss Angel--I really got serious in the art of magic, after I received a magic kit for Christmas, when I was 10 years old. Throughout my teenage years, I spent my weekly allowance purchasing tricks from the magic shop, just minutes away from my home. I bought...


The Amazing Max Student Set #1


The Amazing Max Student Set #1

Attention Amazing Max students! Max has handpicked each of these items just for you. You're one click away from everything you'll need for your upcoming magic journey.

Your custom Amazing Max set includes :

Your Amazing Max set includes :





The Diamond Edition is chock full of magic! This set contains over 100 incredible tricks and Royal Magic’s well-written and profusely illustrated instruction booklet that makes learning a snap. The Diamond Edition also comes with the book of 50 Amazing Illusions that describes easy tricks anyone can do.

To top it all off, an...


Jewels Of Magic - EMERALD KIT


The Emerald Edition includes props and instructions for over 75 amazing tricks including many baffling, nearly self-working tricks in the Miracle Card Case! A bonus book of 50 Amazing Illusions details easy tricks anyone can do with little or no sleight of hand or special equipment.

Contents: Cups and Balls, Ball V ase, Prayer...


Criss Angel Mindfreak Professional Magic Kit


Amaze your friends and family with mind-blowing illusions compiled by TV's MINDFREAK Magician, Criss Angel. This kit includes props for performing more than 350 magic tricks, like Mental Freak and Penetration Glass, along with detailed, step-by-step directions. The included instructional DVD makes learning fun and easy! 



Penn and Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit


Penn & Teller are the grandmasters of magic. You've seen them on "Celebrity Apprentice," "America's Got Talent," and their hit TV series, "Penn & Teller: Fool Us!" They've broken box office records on Broadway and are the longest-running headliners in the history of Las Vegas with their legendary magic show. Now, for the first...


Ultimate Magic Kit


Welcome To The Ultimate Magic Kit Featuring Over 350 Magic Effects You Can Do!

These Are Professional Magic Tricks
You Will Receive:
The Ultimate Levitation System
Magic Svengali Deck
Top Secret Vanishing Kit
Magic Card Box
Amazing Pen Penetration
Sponge Balls
and The...

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