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Never Out Action Games by John Breeds
Never Out Action Games by John Breeds
Item Number: BB8607




Never Out Action Games by John Breeds

John Breeds' Never Out Action Games provides the inside secret on adding a new product to your offering: unique, original games that will engage and amuse kids of all ages.

Too many magical entertainers have missed out on this super-simple money-spinner. The kids love these 'Never Out Action Games' games, because they offer trouble-free, non-stop, fun involvement for all of them.

These aren't your usual run of standard party games that parents and party organizers alike turn to in a desperate attempt to keep their kids' attention.

The title says it all: these are original action games that are completely participative for the kids, avoiding those awful dead spots when those eliminated early in the games get bored sitting the rest of the competition out and make a nuisance of themselves.

Adding John's games to your package lifts your status way above the 45-minute magic show that the other entertainers in your market offer. Now is your chance to discover and enjoy true success as a top entertainer, for less effort, doing one entire party a day rather than running around 2 or 3!

Best of all, you will never get tired of presenting these games, specifically designed by John to be simple to run and great fun for you into the bargain!

John Breeds, a highly successful professional children's entertainer in the UK for over 30 years, reveals every detail of how he reached an enviable position with his business where 95% of his bookings were for his 'whole party package' - which included magic, Never Out Action Games, dancing and prizes.

This dynamic approach saw John entertaining the children of the very upper echelons of British society, including Royalty, purely because his full 2-hour show became recognized as offering original and entertaining fun for all.

By unlocking the secrets of how you can add this to your offering, you too can aspire to finer levels, higher fee income and a widespread, well-earned reputation by aiming to be distinctive and thoroughly professional.

This is the book you do not want your competitors to read!

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