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MOSAIK by Diego Voltini
Item Number: BB9722



MOSAIK by Diego Voltini

MOSAIK by Diego Voltini

Predict the outcome of a scrambled Rubik's cube.

Mosaik is a simple and straightforward mental effect that can be presented in a variety of performing environments, from strolling magic gigs to virtual shows. And here is the best part: it can be performed with a borrowed Rubik's cube or even a mini Rubik's cube, without the hassle of finger-flinging moves, angle issues or lengthy algorithms to memorize.

EFFECT: A participant calls out a number from 1 to 20. You scramble a regular Rubik's cube as many times as the selected number and display the color pattern obtained on the top face. Although it is clear that nobody could have known the final arrangement of the tiles in advance, you now point to an envelope that has been lying on the table from the very beginning. To everybody's astonishment you shake a single slip of paper from the envelope and reveal a drawing, which perfectly matches the color pattern shown on the top face of the cube.

Here are some unique features:

Mosaik comes with a special envelope to perform the routine immediately with no need of additional props or arts-and-crafts jobs.

Mosaik also contains a video explanation of "virtual color foolery". In performance a participant selects a color and a regular Rubik's cube is scrambled. The magician drops the scrambled cube in a paper bag and he snaps his fingers. Upon retrieving the cube from the bag, the face matching the selected color appears to be mysteriously solved.

You will receive:

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