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Art Of Astonishment Volume 1  - Paul Harris
Art Of Astonishment Volume 1 - Paul Harris
Item Number: BK8127



Art Of Astonishment Volume 1 - Paul Harris

The complete, ultimate Paul Harris. The material is the best of the best. All of Paul's classics, updated and refined, as well as 73 BRAND-NEW creations! Over 900 pages of Paul Harris! In addition to the 73 new effects, Paul Harris' The Art Of Astonishment contains the very best of 13 previous Paul Harris books, many of the effects refined, revised and updated. The Art Of Astonishment also contains the very best methods from 8 separately-marketed manuscripts. Taken together, these 8 effects alone cost nearly as much as the 3-volume set of The Art Of Astonishment. In addition, there is a groundbreaking essay where Paul reveals that astonishment is our natural state of mind. And.. six conversations about over-the-edge effects that are even too weird for Paul!

Volume 1 Highlights
The Light & Heavy Dime - A re-make of Robert Houdin's famous Light and Heavy Chest using a common dime which ends up permanently stuck in the most uncommon place. This will become the "Card-on-the- Ceiling" of Coin Magic.
Lip Balm - An organic, "naturally-gimmicked" coin box (a special brand of Lip Balm) that climaxes with a container full of Lip Balm.
Ultimate Rip Off or Dancing with the Last Piece - The ultimate bluff ending for Paul's Torn 'n' Restored Card twenty years later, a way to restore the last piece.
Creation - Patrick Martin's practical "workers" approach of producing a live moth to create maximum astonishment.
Shell Shock - Gregory Wilson's practical technique for blowing a hardboiled egg right out of its shell then finding a marked coin inside its yolk.
Tunnel Vision - A just-barely-possible way to make yourself disappear using a rolled-up paper tube and more nerve than most of us possess.

Volume 2 Highlights
Counterfeit Spectator - On a borrowed dollar bill, the printed signature of the treasurer of the United States transforms into the spectator's name.
Swiss Movement - An ingenious P.H. discovery enables you to mysteriously animate an ungimmicked Swiss Army Knife. Completely impromptu, works with any Swiss Army Knife ... anytime.
Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues - Two of those pesky advertising cards that clutter up your deck are accidentally selected ... and then transformed into an impossible object that was secretly already there.
Fizz-Master - Cause the carbonation to travel magically from one soda to another. Absolutely killer ... completely impromptu.
McGimmick - You levitate a milkshake using only your finger ... then you completely vanish the milkshake leaving only its crumpled container. Osmosis - European genius, Sylvain Miroug's four-phase Linking Card masterpiece using just two single cards! An incredible new principle. Is it better that Immaculate Connection or Cardboard Connection?

Volume 3 Highlights
The Shape of Astonishment - The imprint of a quarter in a piece of foil instantly changes from heads to tails. Awesome and totally impromptu.
Hot Chocolate - You bring out a flat, folded Hershey wrapper out of your wallet and inflate it into the real thing.
The Anything Deck - Place a small packet of cards under the case ... any word or name is called out ... you spread the packet to reveal the exact same word, written in thick black marker across the backs of the cards. A completely new principle for releasing deep astonishment.
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish - An anytime levitation of your favorite snack. Works just as well with burgers and fish fillets.
Bat Fishing - A spectator brings out any dollar and fairly selects eight cards. The number on the eight cards astonishingly match all eight serial numbers on the dollar ... and you never touched the bill or the cards!
Leaf - You tear a leaf off of someone's houseplant ... then press the torn stem back against the branch ... where it takes root and restores itself back into a healthy, growing leaf.
The Shuffling Lesson - You sit back and enjoy the show while you induce a spectator to unknowingly stack, false shuffle, then false cut a deck all by herself ... so that she can deal herself the winning hand.

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