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Natural Selections II - David Acer
Natural Selections II - David Acer
Item Number: BK8161



Natural Selections II - David Acer

A brand new collection of more than 35 innovative, practical, extraordinary close-up magic straight from David's professional repertoire. New sleights and routines with cards, coins, postcards, business cards, novels, bottle caps and more, along with 3 compelling essays and some hilarious road stories from one of Canada's premiere magical entertainers!

Flipwich - A card sandwiched face up between two face down cards changes visibly into a signed selection! This created a sensation when it appeared in David's Linking Ring Parade - now learn 3 devastating new applications!
The Montreal Transpo - A beautifully disarming two-card transposition from the minds of Acer and Jay Sankey!
Time Flies A borrowed quarter travels back in time with the help of the magician's wrist watch. Then the watch travels back in time, vanishing from his hand and reappearing back on his wrist!
This Side Up An entire deck reverses itself instantly within the confines of a card case!
Quartermain Three coins penetrate a regular deck one by one, dropping into the drinking glass upon which it is resting! Printed Matter: 3 blank cards drawn from a blank-faced deck print visibly into duplicates of 3 different selections. Then, the entire deck prints, and everything can be examined! So good, it was originally slated to appear as a separatemanuscript!
Madcap The magician thrusts his finger through a bottle cap, ripping a jagged holethrough it's center, then restores the cap instantly!
Heavy Credit A credit card is removed from the magician's wallet, the wallet is closed, then the credit card is placed on top of it. In the blink of an eye, the credit card vanishes, only to be found back inside its slot in the wallet!

And so much more! 4 collaborational routines with Jay Sankey, 2 with Simon Lovell, new killer sleights, new devious gimmicks, and the list goes on and on! Hardcover, color dust jacket, 200 pages, with over 390 photographs, and forewords by Simon Lovell and David Regal

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