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Here I Go Again -  Bill Malone
Here I Go Again - Bill Malone
Item Number: DA1047

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Here I Go Again - Bill Malone

Volume #1

Bill's Tips:
  • Taking It to the Next Level
  • Situating Yourself in the Right Place
  • Secrets to Increase Your Quick Wit Abilities Volume #2
    • Thinking Man's Sponge Ball Routine! - A sponge ball routine you will use! Bill's performed this routine for over 25 years!
    • Marlo's Color-Changing Deck Routine! - Bill's presentation and touches on another Marlo masterpiece!
    • Mind-Reading Magician! - Bill's presentation and thoughts on the Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama!
    • Keeping My Money Safe! - S.A.N.D.Y. This is an absolutely unbelievable Coins Across by Bill's friend, Dave Neighbors. This routine is a killer!
    • Dealing A Good Hand! - Bill's handling of the famous Marlo-Gardner Poker Deal!
    • The Six-Card Trick! - "Sorry for the Delay" A Joe Riding effect with touches and additions by Bill and his old friend from the New York Magic Lounge, Terry Vecky!
    • Ravelli's Waterfall Shuffle - Ron Wohl's brilliant false shuffle from the late 1960s!
    • Steve Forte's "No Look Aces" - From "The Man" himself! Steve allowed Bill to share this great visual Ace cutting demonstration!
    Bill's Tips
    • Putting Together a Stand-Up Show
    • My Trade Show Pitch
    • Drilling a Good Show Into Your Head
    • Following Up With Your Clients
    Volume #3
    • The Old Rope Trick! - Bill's friend, comedy magician Rich Purpura, shares one of his opening effects—a cut and restored rope that never restores.
    • Those Scary Cannibal Cards! - Bill's incredibly entertaining "Cannibal Card" routine!
    • Shipwrecked! - Bill's presentation of Daryl's now famous "Diamond Bar" routine!
    • Ernie's Sex Test! - Ernie Spence, the number one bar magician in Chicago, gives us this hilarious routine. Bill performed this throughout his bar magic days.
    • Which One's Missing| An easy-to-do trick that packs a huge punch with adults and children.
    • A Tribute to Johnny Carson! - Bill's "Cards To Pocket" routine.
    • Hands-Off Memory Test! - A three-phase routine using the Aronson Stack!
    • Come Back Jack! Bill's prize-winning handling and presentation of the Homing Card plot!
    • Collins/Lewis Vanishing Aces! A true classic, Michael Skinner-style.
    Bill's Tips
    • Restaurant Magic— The Owner's Point of View!
    • How Much Should You Charge
    • Dealing with Meeting Planners

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