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Extremely Ambitious - Sankey
Item Number: DA1820



Extremely Ambitious - Sankey

Extremely Ambitious - Sankey

Extremely Ambitious
by Jay Sankey

"I started performing 'Ambitious Card' over 25 years ago and since then I've created many fresh handlings and approaches. Every single one of them is included on this project. I've held back absolutely nothing."

-Jay Sankey

EXTREMELY AMBITIOUS is exactly that, an extremely ambitious collection of handlings, techniques, ideas and approaches all created with an eye towards taking the classic Ambitious Card effect to an exciting new level. Jay shares many of these for the VERY FIRST TIME!

This breakthrough project is divided into four parts: Essential Sleights, Openers, Middlers and Closers.

In the "Essential Sleights" section you will learn ALL THE SLEIGHTS you need to know. As a result, the DVD is a complete and comprehensive mini-course in the Ambitious Card! Perfect for beginners!

During 'Openers' Jay teaches you the secrets behind some of his favorite ways to begin the effect. 'Middlers' has Jay sharing many exciting techniques to have the selected card rise to the top. And 'Closers' includes all of Jay's favorite ways to end the classic effect with a hard-hitting and memorable BANG!

Jay also discusses what it is about the classic Ambitious Card effect that makes it so remarkably popular.

As a recognized master of the Classic Pass, Jay also teaches in rare detail The Classic Pass, Riffle Pass, Turnover Pass, Spread Pass, Jay's own Sleeves Up Pass, and the little-known Jiggle Pass.

EXTREMELY AMBITIOUS features original material for a wide range of skill levels from complete beginner to seasoned professional. It's the ideal reference for any serious student of card magic.

Take your favorite card trick to the next level!


Double Lifts (3 different skill levels)
False Cuts
Top Change
Undercover Top Change
One Hand Turnover
Convincing Control
One Hand Top Palm
Distant Misdirection Palm
Tenkai Strip Out


Three Favorites
Name A Card
Center Reverse
Twirl Sequence

Paint Brush Change
Erdnase/Houdini Change
Splat Production
Something Else
Repeat Rise
Palm Off Rise


Vernon's Bend
Rubber Room Rise
Face-Up Finale
Top Card
Compact Closer
Through the Roof
Leather Bound
Round Up
Hammered Deception
Learn invaluable tips on the cover techniques, the timing, and the all-important finer points for a total of FIVE amazing passes including:

Sleeves Up Pass
Classic Pass
Turnover Pass
Spread Pass
Jiggle Pass

This is an in-depth exploration of why the Ambitious Card is so popular as well as an important discussion of the challenges inherent in such a REPETITIVE effect. Jay discusses tempo, rhythm, variety and muhc more! Jay also share his thoughst on alternatives to signatures, using questions and humor for maximum audience management and misdirection, avoiding performing the effect as a mere "challenge," building the effect and chosing endings that say 'IT'S OVER!'

Running Time Approximately 1hr 30min

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