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The Vault created by David Penn
Item Number: DB3110

5 stars


The Vault created by David Penn

The Vault  created by David Penn

David Penn, the creator of Mystery Solved and Coinvexed has applied revolutionary new thinking to the ring-flight plot.

David has also combined this killer effect with an organic version of the nest of boxes resulting in an effect that will be impossible to comprehend for your spectators.

You casually place your keys on the table, in full view prior to sharing a moment of magic.

A borrowed object such as a ring or a signed coin vanishes without a trace.

Even though the keys have been in full view from the start, for the first time, with empty hands, you pick up your keys and show that attached to the keyring is a box. You open it and inside is another box. You or the spectator opens this to find another box inside. They open the final box of the three to find their object!

The Vault is a precision made gimmick that allows you to accomplish this incredible effect without the need for complicated sleight of hand.

Presented by Wayne Fox and created by David Penn, this is a truly impossible effect that you will always carry on your keyring. This is 'The Vault'.

"That fooled me completely! I've always loved the Nest of Boxes and this is TERRIFIC!"
Doc Eason

"That is just AWESOME!"
Ravi Mayar

"This is pure GENIUS! Your spectators will have no chance to comprehend what just happened"
Rus Andrews

"That is INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to use this!"
Eric Leblon

"This is epic! Such a well structured routine and the final kicker hits you hard when you least expect it. My kind of magic, I love it!"
Steve Rowe

"THE VAULT blew my mind and will kill your spectators dead. Love it!"
Stephen Leathwaite

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Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference, especially when it comes to the performance of magic. I cannot count the number of times I have read about a trick and dismissed it, then seen it in performance with a small spin and was blown away by it. David Penn has made a small change in the classic nest of boxes, and I feel it makes a big difference in the performance of the trick. In fact, I feel it changes the trick completely.

During your performance you casually take out your keys and place them on the table. You then borrow a coin and have it marked. The coin vanishes and ends up in the middle of three nested boxes attached to your keys.

The nest of boxes, as I mentioned, is a classic trick. I used Tenyo's version for years to fool people at the bar. Cheaper versions were produced and even included in children's magic sets. David Penn has added to the illusion by creating an effect that the keys/ nest of boxes were in view the entire time during the performance. It fooled me the ten times I watched the trailer, and am happy to say I love his simple solution to achieve this miracle.

My biggest performance tip is to not rush the handling of the trick after causing the coin to vanish. The spectators have no idea whats going to happen, so don't make any quick jerky movements that will create suspicion.

You will have fun with this new classic of an old classic. And yes, sometimes small things make a big difference. - Jon Jensen

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