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Bloom`s Gypsy Thread by Gaetan Bloom
Item Number: DB4168

5 stars


Bloom`s Gypsy Thread by Gaetan Bloom

Bloom`s Gypsy Thread by Gaetan Bloom

After jealously keeping it a secret during the decades, Gaetan Bloom finally shares the secret of his famous Gypsy Thread. Bloom shares in a masterful way the difficulties of this great classic in magic. He reached an astounding clearness with the effect thanks to a devilishly simple method which will confuse even the connoisseurs. It has such an impact that he has chosen to perform this trick as the finale of his shows.

Effect: A sewing thread is cut in small pieces by your spectators, then is magically restored in your hands.

Key Points:

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Twenty years ago I saw video footage of Gaetan Bloom performing his version of the gypsy thread and I was completely fooled. Even after watching the video footage dozens of times, I had no clue on how he was accomplishing the trick. A single piece of thread is torn into small pieces, then in clear view of the audience, restores to a single piece. you can stare at his hands during the entire performance, and never detect nor suspect the method.

Twenty years later Gaetan published two books of his tricks. I purchased these books, a sizable investment, just to learn this one trick. The trick was hidden in the back of the second book, an in fact he says he wasn't going to include the gypsy thread, but was persuaded to at the last minute.

I finally learned the secret, which was perfectly simple. Gaetan has now released his treasured trick on DVD. I am often asked if it is better to learn magic tricks from books or video. I feel that the best is a combination of the two. Books can go in depth into history and theory, while with video you get a sense of timing and misdirection.

I love this DVD. It gave several suggestions that were no included in the description in the book, that makes this a much more powerful trick. This could easily be the closer in your performance set, while being the ultimate packs small-plays big trick.

The gypsy thread is in almost every professional performer’s act, from Eugene Burger to David Copperfield. If you are looking for the ultimate version, this is it. I can tell you that because I spent twenty years looking for the secret. - Jon Jensen

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