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Swap by Nicholas Lawerence*
Item Number: DB4406

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Swap by Nicholas Lawerence*

Swap by Nicholas Lawerence*

"Swap" in three words: PRACTICAL, ORIGINAL, STUNNING.

Nicholas Lawrence releases his "pet" pocket effect, which he does every day to amaze the people in his life. The effect is this: you reach into your pocket and remove a dollar bill and clearly show it. Now you VISUALLY move the printed seal around on the bill and cause it VISIBLY change places with another insignia. You can then hand out the bills and nothing suspicious can be found.

Moving printed material on bills is not new, but the startling nature of causing two symbols to change places IS new, and it makes for a moment your spectators will never, ever forget.

Nicholas covers everything you need to know to perform "Swap." There is some easy preparation required, but nothing more than a little cutting and gluing! To perform the trick, you'll need to use currency that has two insignias/stamps the same size (US dollars are the perfect currency).

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