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Live Kid Biz 3&4 - David Ginn
Live Kid Biz 3&4 - David Ginn
Item Number: DV4650



Live Kid Biz 3&4 - David Ginn

Live Kidbiz 3 - Costuming Kids for Laughs -KIDS LOVE TO DRESS UP. On his third Live Kidbiz DVD, David Ginn will show you exactly how he has used this fact to create laughter in shows at schools, kindergartens, and libraries. You'll enjoy the by-play as David puts a too-big hat atop a boy's head and can't fi nd the little guy. You'll see glasses, coats, vests, aprons, beards, banners, shirts, and skirts brought into the action to embellish the magic routines and simply make them more fun.
A SURPRISE HIGHLIGHT of Live Kidbiz 3 is the Cowboy Race, an explanation of how real cowboys dressed and a guest visitor in a ten-gallon hat. You won't believe the little guy who wins the race, so watch him twice!

LK3's BIG FEATURE is David's "Radio Show," a 17-minute play using magic to depict a "live broadcast" of a 1930s style radio murder mystery. Th roughout the play, you'll be laughing and trying to guess "Who did it?" Before the tape is over, you'll even experience a spooky scene from the Magical Wonder Show, in which someone who was there isn't but is somewhere else. "Trick or Treat!" This video is both! Running time: 60 minutes.

Live Kidbiz 4 - Storytelling with Magic - HERE YOU HOLD the fourth video in the Live Kidbiz saga. In the next 60 minutes, David Ginn will entertain you and his audiences with magic which tells stories and delivers messages. Not only will you see how David presents these routines 300 times yearly, but you'll also experience how his school, library, and family show audiences react to comedy-fi lled magic. Join in the fun as David presents: Magic Drawing Board, Watch Tester, Jolly Polly, George, Pieces of Eight, Save Our Water, Sharpshooter!, Big Bad Kong, Guillotine!, Puzzle

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