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Showoff With Coins - 2 DVD Set*
Item Number: DV6625

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Showoff With Coins - 2 DVD Set*

Showoff With Coins - 2 DVD Set*

Level One Beginner
Finger Spin, Axis Spin, Coin Twirl, Coin Flip on Table Edge, Elbow Catch, Flipover Balance, Flat Palm, Flat Spin, Flicking A Card Out from Beneath a Coin on the Fingertip, Forearm Roll From Between Fingers, Jumbo Arm Roll, Horizontal Toss & Catch, Jumbo Flipback, Table Spin (2 Handed), Table Spin (Spin with First Finger), Table Spin (One Handed), Waterfall, Bobo Change, Fake Spellbound, Penny to Half Dollar

Level Two Intermediate
Matrix, Heel Slide Change, 3- Coin Roll from Hand-to-Hand, Claw Catch, Coin Flip, Flat Spin to Foot to Hand, Front To Back, Jumbo Coin Rollout, Lazy Steeplechase, Pumpkin Seed Toss, Quarter Bounce & Catch (on edge), Quarter Bounce (flat), Quarter Bounce (on edge), Snap Toss, Surface Roll, T-balance, Spellbound (Vernon), Thumb Palm to Lying on Fingers, Sweep

Level Three Expert
Arm Pops, Arm Spread & Catch, Coin Fan, Flipback with Stack of Coins, Forearm Roll From Toss, Jumbo Cobra, Over & Under Steeplechase, Stack Shuffle, Steeplechase, Spellbound Change to Jumbo Coin, Fingertip Change to Jumbo Coin

Level Four Master
2 Coin Splits, 4-Coin Roll Down, 4-Coin Roll Down to Coin Star, Coin Manipulation Routine, Muscle Pass, Table Shower, Two-Handed Steeple Chase (One Coin), Two Handed-Steeple Chase (3 coins), 4-Coin Vertical Coin Star, Flurious, Change to Small Coin

Level Five Showoff
10 Coin Roll out, 5-Coin Roll Down to Coin Star, 5-Coin Roll Down 1st Coin in Palm, 5th Coin Between Thumb & Pinky, Cartesian Balance, The Insect, Monocle Catch (Hand, Foot, Eye), 5- Coin Vertical Coin Star

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