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David Stone Coin Magic 2 Volume Set
David Stone Coin Magic 2 Volume Set
Item Number: DV9061



David Stone Coin Magic 2 Volume Set

A complete course for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Nine full routines you can use in real-world and professional conditions. More than 15 basic techniques!

Now Coin Magic is at your fingertips...

Multiple Awards winner ( Diavol Award 1995, Gold Dove Award 1996...), the french magician David STONE performs nine routines in this dvd. All the routines are explained in step by step detail, along with closely guarded moves still used by the world?s greatest coin magicians!

Mastering Coin Magic is difficult : Attention must be paid to technique, timing, rhythm, body language....In this one hour long video, 15 moves and techniques are explained and performed in short routines that you can use in the real-world.. Each routine is detailed in a progressive explanation : First, you see the routine, then you learn the techniques used. You finish by a full explanation of the routine. David offers more than just explanations, he provides you with a full progressive course on Coin Magic. Presentation has not been overlooked. Most of the routines explained in the tape are original : Old effects have been refreshed and performed in a new way. Professionally produced with multiple camera angles. Don?t miss the tool that will change the way you look at Coin Magic!
Volume 1

Volume 2
The French magician David Stone is back... with a progressive lesson in Coin Magic and 9 brand new routines, including one of the wildest ? Flurry ? routine ever made and 25 moves and sleights you can do anywhere, in any stand-up conditions.

No expense has been spared : professionally produced and filmed, multiple camera angles, high-quality picture and professional dubbing. More than 85 minutes of professional magic you can use and perform in front of anybody, anywhere.

Presentation has not been put aside either : Each routines has its own patter and presentation. David Stone has kept no move, tip or subtlety for himself.

As in Volume 1, St鰨ane Jardonnet has captured the best camera shot to help you learn the proper way to use each technique. An invaluable tool for learning coin Magic. Compulsory for the amateur, necessary for the professional, and valuable to any magician ready and willing to explore the world of Coin Magic.

Contains both French and English

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