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Stealth Retractor by John Kennedy
Stealth Retractor by John Kennedy
Item Number: KE1768



Stealth Retractor by John Kennedy

New model for 2007

Carry this in your pocket and you're always ready to perform impromptu close-up miracles! You can make your business card float up into your hand and then give it out, or make a spectator's chosen card rise out of the deck and up into your hand - even with a borrowed deck! And remember, all of this happens just inches away from your audience.

Point to a pack of sugar and it jumps out of its container. Point again and it jumps into your hand! Are you beginning to see some of the possibilities?

Kennedy Retractor is a miniature electronic invisible thread reel that's precision machined from brass. Unlike mechanical ITRs, the Stealth Retractor can lift small objects so that they rise up into the air or jump and slide on a table. And the thread locks in place as you pull it out - you retract it by pressing the switch. It uses "Kevlex," the strongest invisible thread on the market. What if the thread breaks? No problem; you can fix it in about 20 seconds without "sucking" the thread.

The Kennedy Retractor comes complete with battery, Kevlex filament, and illustrated routines.

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