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Double Whammy - John Kennedy
Double Whammy - John Kennedy
Item Number: KE5750



Double Whammy - John Kennedy

A spectator shakes three colored dice inside a coffee cup, then peeks inside and announces the total. Next he memorizes the number on one of the dice, then inverts the cup on the table with the dice underneath. Up until now no one else has seen the dice.

"You told me the total - do you think I can tell you the number you saw on the die?" The spectator ponders this question for a moment while you slowly place your hand on top of the inverted cup. Suddenly you lift your hand and one of the dice is seen resting on top of the cup with the chosen number on top! Lift the cup and reveal the remaining two dice, then smile at the stunned faces of your audience.

Double Whammy comes complete with the dice and special gimmick. Any coffee cup can be used.

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