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Pierced & Punctured
Pierced & Punctured
Item Number: KF2001



Pierced & Punctured

This is a visual transposition of two cards - one which is stapled on top of a card box. The routine is very well structured and includes a clever logic disconnect where the spectator clearly sees both cards far away from each other - one resting face up on the deck and the other stapled to the card box. And then in an instant they switch places. Impossible! (Remember cards are signed!)

"I like this very much. The preparation of the card box is clever and makes the whole thing very convincing." - Peter Duffie

"It looks and reads excellent." - Wayne Dobson

The magician introduces a pack of playing cards and a stapler. He spreads through the cards to show that they are all different, he shuffles and cuts the deck and asks for a spectator to choose a playing card. For example, they choose the Ace of Spades (this can be signed by the spectator if you wish). This is put to one side as the magician again cuts the deck and asks the spectator to choose a card for him, they do, and it is the 10 of Hearts (the magician can sign his card if he wishes).

The magician then staples the Ace of Spades to the card box, and shows the spectator the card face while it is stapled. He then takes the 10 of Hearts and slowly rubs it over the stapled Ace. Suddenly there is a loud snapping sound. The magician shows two puncture holes have appeared on the back of his 10 of Hearts, he slowly turns it over to reveal it has in fact changed to the spectators Ace of Spades. The magician then slowly peels back and rips off the stapled card to reveal it is now his 10 of Hearts. The cards have changed places under impossible circumstances.

The stapler and the stapled cards make this a memorable routine. The PDF includes clear instructions and photos.

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