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Item Number: LB4191




This is a compact and portable illusion, which makes a bigger audience impact than many larger and more elaborate props. Two Skewers, shown to be solid and rigid are passed criss-cross fashion through a spectator's neck.
Although similar in effect to the Sword Through Neck, this will baffle even magicians familiar with the basics of that effect. The Skewers are shown rigid and solid. They criss-cross at right angles, and you push them in one at a time! No assistants - you can use any spectator.
Supplied complete with Special frame (that does it all), the Skewers in a handy carry bag, (which hooks to your belt or trouser for the performance), and everything you need to perform it right away. And its easier than you think - you can put it into your act the day you get this, though for an illusion of this nature, we would recommend a little more time for thought to the presentation. And the price is very reasonable - much lower than what you would expect for an illusion of this caliber.

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