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Ultimate Sketch Pad - Bogunia
Ultimate Sketch Pad - Bogunia
Item Number: LB6407



Ultimate Sketch Pad - Bogunia

Many customers have asked Sean over the years to make a MANUAL version of his Ultimate Sketch Pad. Well, here it is! This MANUAL version is a great option for those who want to perform this great effect, without the electronics. We have also included our improved mouth movement which really adds to the illusion!

Effect: Pick up an artist sketch pad any time during your performance and draw a face. Unexpectedly the Drawing suddenly becomes animated with eyes and mouth moving! After a conversation with your newly drawn friend, comes the killer ending...You lift up the single sheet of paper you drew the face on and tear it from the sketch pad in full view of the audience! NO SWITCHES! NO TRICKY MOVES! You tear out the actual drawing and can hand it to a spectator for a souvenir they will never forget!

Pad size is 11" wide and 14" tall, perfect for use on stage!

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