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ITR - Sorcery Mfg
ITR - Sorcery Mfg
Item Number: LP2397

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ITR - Sorcery Mfg

All Models feature adjustable Tension and an expanded retraction distance of about 30% more then the prior models. This means less breakage and a more comfortable tension on the thread.
All ITR's now contain Kevlar thread.
These are the strongest ITR systems available!

The ITRs are, quite simply, the ultimate close-up levitation device. Just imagine being able to levitate a borrowed dollar bill inches before your spectator's eyes! The bill can even float down to the floor and back up to your waiting hands. Or make a playing card stand up on its edge! The effects possible with these ingenious devices are truly limited only by your imagination. Comes with 30 feet of invisible thread.

These are delicate instruments and are not recommended for children.
Standard - Measures 6 inches long. Suitable for stage or close-up levitations.
Micro - Measures 4.5 inches long. A smaller version of the Standard model.
Mini Boss - The smallest ITR available

The Micro is smaller and is easier to conceal. Better for close-up work than the Standard model.
The Super Micro is very small and is best for close-up performances.
The Boss is the smallest available. It uses a finer thread and is strictly for close-up.

Add the ITR Book: An in-depth 43 page booklet, with detailed instructions and illustrations on how to use the Invisible Thread Reel. With 10 effects for you to master, this book is perfect for those new to Invisible Thread Retractors.


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