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Item Number: LP3582

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The magician has a spectator select and sign a card on the face. He/she explains that they will slice through the center of the card so that he/she can show the "inside" of the selection. After a magic gesture, the selection splits in half, leaving a card signed on the face with a blank back, and a card with a blank face and a normal back. The magician makes an attempt at restoring the card by putting it back together with red tape. Realizing that it is unimpressive to the spectators, he/she offers to try something astounding. he/she performs a magical gesture, then removes the tape from the card, revealing that it is whole again. When the spectator turns over their selection, the face of the selection is gone, but his/her signature remains.

The basis of this method is a concept that allows you to make a signed card become blank, even allowing the spectator to check the face when he/she signs it. This principle opens itself up to numerous applications.

Comes with enough material for 24 performances.

Refill pack - 24 performances

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