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Wonder Silk Box
Wonder Silk Box
Item Number: MB1884

3 stars


Wonder Silk Box

The front, back and lid of this box are opened revealing the frame, the inside of the box is clearly empty. The box is closed up and immediately a large quantity of silks, flowers, or anything else can be made from it.

Silks (sold separately) can be produced one by one with the box being broken apart between each production to show it really is empty.

Works in reverse to vanish objects or even transform them.

No mirrors are used and the box really is shown to be empty.

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This is very similar to other Wonder Silk Boxes I own, with the added benefit that the box can be displayed just as it is in the product description here at the end of the routine. Compared to the wooden model I one, this one is lacking but at a price of 12.50 it is a much better value that the more expensive wooden one. I spent 12.50 in March of 2015. Obviously the price is subject to change, but my guess it will still be a great value. The box is constructed of polished metal but the that hold the hinges together are unfinished. I have down rated the box primarily because of the welds. It is also a bit noisy, but not obnoxiously so. The instructions are fairly clear and provide a handling that cleans everything up so the box can be examined at the end. Before the routine is finished angles will need to be minded carefully. I would recommend anyone interested in adding a silk production to their repetoire inexpensively give this product a try. Even as an introduction to more expensive versions of the same product it is a great value to learn the secret before spending hundreds of dollars on a showpiece. - Paul T.

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