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Chain Breaker - Lossander
Chain Breaker - Lossander
Item Number: MB5062



Chain Breaker - Lossander

Finally, Losander has released his well renowned thumb tie effect, the Chain Breaker. This is a real miracle for the audience, and Losander has performed this effect for more than 15 years. Whenever he performs it in front of Magicians, the first reaction is "That is awesome! Can we buy it?" Now you have the chance! Losander has decided to give this original thumb tie illusion to everyone who wants it. If you want to hear your audience gasp in astonishment, then this is exactly what you need in your show.

You tie your fingers together with electrical tape. Everything can be examined (no fake thumbs). After everybody agrees that there is no way in or out, you penetrate a solid chain. As fast as it was in, it's out again. All of a sudden a purse from the audience is attached inside the two fingers. The highlight is when you visually penetrate your thumb with the solid steel chain.

This trick contains:

Everything is ready to go. Don't miss out on this perfect thumb tie... the Chain Breaker!

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