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Haunted Key
Haunted Key
Item Number: SB1363

5 stars


Haunted Key

Lay the key is the palm of your hand and the magic begins. At your commandthe key will slowly roll over in your hand. Easy to perform and great forbeginners or experienced magicians.

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Surprisingly, this is one of the best effects I have seen, and used. It is: small, lightweight, easily carried, easily used, easily instantly repeatable, very affordable, can be worked from any angle, can be handed out for examination, and is best used close up. It can take some practice to master. This can be worked in any of several ways, and the instructions are somewhat vague about the method. I experimented a bit, and found a method which works well for me. It will vary a bit, from performer to performer, as everyone's hand will be a slightly different shape, musculature, etc. You may get better results placing the key in your hand one way, while I may get better results using a different placement. Practice makes perfect. Rather than talk about having found a haunted key, from a haunted house-as the instructions I received suggested-I claim to have PK powers, myself, and have worked up some patter built aroun! d that. I hand out the key before the show, and suggest that it be: pulled, pressed, twisted, etc, so as to make sure that it is solid, and that there are no: wires, threads, levers, pins, hooks, motors, pulleys,or such, built into it, or attached to it in any way. When my audience is convinced that this is just a normal old fashioned, mortise key, I take it back, press it against a refrigerator, or file cabinet, and then release it. As it falls to the floor, I point out that "it is not magnetic". Then I place the key in my palm, let is set there a moment, and then I gesture with my other if turning the key in a lock...though my turning hand is a foot away from the hand holding the key, and all can see that it never touches the key. As the key rolls over, gasps abound. Religious types-convinced I am possessed by demons-ask me to leave their homes. Others take the key, and try to repeat the effect themselves...but fail. The effect depends partly upon the un-notice! ably gimmicked key, partly upon your subtle manipulations, and! partly on your showmanship skills / patter. This does not require great 'sleight of hand' skills, and I quickly mastered this though I will never be dexterous enough to perform most coin / card magic. This trick is well worth the price, and the time devoted to mastering it. - Erin

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