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Billet Box - Viking
Billet Box - Viking
Item Number: SB6722




Billet Box - Viking

Here's a sensational series of high impact effects, all incorporated into a self contained, hand crafted brass box that may be fully examined.

Effect #1: A spectator is handed a small jewelry box and told to place it in his pocket. A card is freely selected, signed and returned to the deck. The card vanishes from the deck. It reappears inside the brass box that was inside the jewelry box held at all times by the spectator. (Jewelry box included)

Effect #2: A spectator is invited to count the amount of change in his pocket. He does so, and announces the total. Performer points to a sturdy brass box that has been sitting on the table at all times. The box is opened and a folded billet dumped into the spectator's hand. On the billet is a note: I predict you'll be carrying precisely seventy-two cents in change.

The uses for this lovely utility box are virtually unlimited. Use it for coins, medallions, wedding rings, cards or paper money. And when you're finished, let them examine the box. This remarkable piece of utility apparatus comes with a fully illustrated set of instructions.

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