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Item Number: SP4993




A spectator selects a card, memorizes it and shuffles it back in to the pack. The magician explains that the spectator's card will rise up through the deck and it arrives at the top. When the top card is revealed it appears to be the wrong card. Next, the magician takes out a lighter, lights it, and holds it under the wrong card: "Sometimes when you heat the card, it changes". The card is turned over, only to reveal the spectator's selection!

Okay, so far nothing new... Read this: The magician now attempts to change the selection back to the wrong card again. For the second time the lighter is held under the card, but this time the card got seemingly TOO hot, which caused the ink of the card to run! when the card is shown again, the face of their selection has actually MELTED away!!! Visually and magically the card is "restored" back in to its original condition, and can be handed out for examination.

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