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Hypno Paddle - Powell
Hypno Paddle - Powell
Item Number: SP5022




Hypno Paddle - Powell

The performer removes a small brass paddle which has three small rubber bands around it covering three hypnotic circle designs. He shows both sides to be blank, and then he places a penny under one of the rubber bands. The performer shows that another penny has appeared on the other side! This is repeated with two more pennies, making a total of six pennies.

All six pennies are removed. "Were you hypnotized into believing you are seeing six pennies or was it magic?" Tell them you will show them how it works if they pay you $20.00 and with a quick shake of the paddle a folded twenty dollar bill appears under the rubber bands!

The bill is removed and magician states that "it was all done with mirrors", the paddle is given another shake and three small mirrors appear under the rubber bands!

"The Hypno- Paddle" comes with 4 1/2" brass paddle, rubber bands, instructions and a carrying bag.

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