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Play Time
Item Number: SP5814



Play Time

Play Time

Rodger Lovins' newest effect PLAY-time

The Magician has two cards selected from a deck of cards. He tells the spectators that a lot of people ask him, How long have you been doing magic?

The magician then shows the spectators an old black and white photo of himself as a child. The small child, age one, is holding a playing card. The magician tells the spectators that A picture is worth a thousand words

In this old photo I have made a prediction of your chosen card! Looking at spectator #1 he ask, What card did you choose?

Upon turning the photograph over, to everyone's amazement, The playing card that the child is holding in the old photo, matches the card that was selected by spectator #1!

The magician then turns his attention toward spectator #2. He asks him to hold is hand over the picture of the child holding spectator # 1's choice. Spectator # 2 then reveals his selection. Lifting his hand and turning the photo over he finds the picture has changed!

The child in the photo is now holding spectator #2's selected card.

WOW The photo that is held under the spectators hand, the entire time, has changed to be a photo of the baby holding the other selected card!!

Comes complete, including booklet with other routines, tips and methods.

Only one photo is used, It never leaves there sight, Easy to do

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