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Mystery Hole - Masuda
Mystery Hole - Masuda
Item Number: SP6646



Mystery Hole - Masuda

The performer shows a picture of a wine bottle and a glass. He then introduces a piece of black paper and a hole puncher. Then he punches a hole in the paper. He picks up a small circular piece dropped from the punch and explains that it looks like a real hole when it is placed on the photograph. Then he makes a magical gesture, the circular piece begins to move by itself. The performer waves his finger under the photo to show that the small piece of paper has turned into a real hole. Spectators can see his finger through the hole. The magicians then actually drags the punched hole to the edge of the picture and then back again if he wishes. Then as a Grande finale he physically removes the dot from the photo altogether! The performer then shows both sides of the photo to prove there is nothing funny about the picture. This is an amazing visual effect you have to have! You won't be disappointed.

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