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Clair Voyance - Harries Magic
Clair Voyance - Harries Magic
Item Number: TA2227



Clair Voyance - Harries Magic

Let a spectator choose a card from a deck. Let him also write the name of the card on a slip of paper which is folded and attached under clip no 1. The next spectator is asked to think of a color which is written and folded under clip no 2. Continue in the same way with number 3 and 4, ask for an animal and a name. When all this is done you write the first one, the card on a slate. Ask the spectator if it is correct (which it is of course!) and prove this to the audience by showing the folded paper with the written word. Write the right color in the slate, let the only spectator who knows this confirm it and check under clip number 2. You are right again! Do the same procedure with number 3 and 4 and I promise you, you will be right all the times! Your audience will be stunned! How is this possible? Size of the plexi board is 25cm x 25cm

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