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SMOKE 2.0  by Alan Rorrison
SMOKE 2.0 by Alan Rorrison
Item Number: TA5878

5 stars


SMOKE 2.0 by Alan Rorrison

Produce a cloud of smoke - from your mouth - on command. An ALL-NEW version, five years in the making. What's new in this edition? It WRITES. Perfectly. No switching.

Created by Alan Rorrison, SMOKE is a simple, powerful effect with infinite applications. It's the ultimate utility device.

Since release, SMOKE has been our all-time most popular trick - and for good reason. The reviews speak for themselves: "Genius. Remarkable. Deceptive. And PRACTICAL."

The smoke created using SMOKE is not actually smoke. It's harmless vapor, made from organic compounds. It causes no irritation or discomfort whatsoever with responsible use. This new version also allows for bigger bursts of vapor.

SMOKE 2.0 is all-new, with a totally new gimmick and video instruction by Robert Smith in New York. Enough supplies are included for close to a THOUSAND performances - and refills are available at any time.

SMOKE is intended for those 18 years of age or older. Use, operation, and performance of SMOKE is understood to be at your own risk. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge consent and understanding of this message.

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I bought this about 1 month after it first came out from magic warehouse and I absolutely love it! I use it in my close up shows as well as small stage shows ... IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY..... I am just now starting to run low on the thing that makes it work it lasts for that many performances with what it comes with. If magic warehouse sells refills please let me know so I can get some

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