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Double Electric Air Cannon
Double Electric Air Cannon
Item Number: TA6227




Double Electric Air Cannon

These units are really top of the line! Shoots 50' streamers up to 100 feet high, Aerofetti™ and other Confetti types to heights of up to 35 feet. Heavier items can go hundreds of feet! Barrel capacity is 50% larger than the Sky Cannon™ model. Unit holds 6 gallons of compressed air which makes it one of the most powerful units in its class. Powerful enough to use 30" extended barrels and shoot 50' streamers out as far as 100'! (good for stadiums). See barrel and voltage options below. Great for use with our new Stadium Streamers™.

Economically feasible for continual use in places such as circus arenas, theme parks or large stages. Functions nicely outdoors, off of parade floats and is great for football games. No cylinders to replace, uses (free) regular air available from filling stations or from your own suitable compressor. Can also be tied into a constant replenishing tank thus eliminating the need for manual refills. Operates on 80-125 psi. and is pressure tested to 800 psi with ASME approved tank. Has a built in safety valve, two types of charging valves, pressure gauge and high quality electric (¾" high volume release) solenoid valve.

All models are setup to fire at a 45° angle and can be quickly changed by simply angling the tank. A special swivel joint can also be supplied that allows you to further adjust and shoot at a vertical or horizontal angle. Totally portable, complete with center carrying handle, making it perfect for any large theatrical touring production. A good money-making rental prop for theatrical suppliers.

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