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Ultra Telethought Wallet
Ultra Telethought Wallet
Item Number: TA6283



Ultra Telethought Wallet

What’s so great about the latest version of TeleThought? Glad you asked! Here’s the word direct from Chris Kenworthey….

“Telethought II has just as many applications as its predecessor, the “Telethought Wallet.” The performance should be cleaner since the gimmick is now on the inside of the wallet and more importantly the wallet truly perfects naturalness. It honestly looks like a normal business card holder.

Virtually any “mind-reading effect” can be performed with this present version. design duplications, book tests, telepathy experiments can now be presented under immaculate test conditions. Imagine using “Telethought Wallet 2″ for pre-show work, or combining it with a “Brainwave Deck”, “Invisible Deck”, or “Precongnition Deck.”

I truly believe “Telethought Wallet 2″ is one those rare tricks you will want to have with you all the time. It is spellbinding, has a strong impact, and is easy to perform!”

The best peek wallet in the world, just got better! Now you can take your magic to the extreme with the Kenworthey TeleThought Wallet II!

A spectator writes down anything they choose on a small card….a number, word, symbol, picture, etc. The card is inserted face down into a sleek, black wallet. Instantly, you know the information! No strange moves, nothing is taken away, and the wallet can remain in full view at all times.

The principle relies on state of the art, cutting edge technology…it’s like something “Q” would have invented for James Bond! The gimmick is in full view and yet the audience doesn’t know it. It yields complete information to the performer and yet is absolutely undetectable. It uses no electronics, no impression devices, no flaps, and no moves…it’s almost as good as real magic!

Made in leather and measures approximately 4.25 inches x 2.75 inches.

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