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Extreme Intuition - Henry Evans
Item Number: TA6588



Extreme Intuition - Henry Evans

Extreme Intuition - Henry Evans

The spectator shuffles and deals the cards from the sabot himself. The Magician's intuition helps him to stop the spectator each time he deals a winning card.

The magician does not touch the cards to find them.

No need to see the cards at any time.

The magician can perform blindfolded.

The magician can stop the spectator at two separate cards to make a Black Jack, or at four Aces to make a 4-of-a-kind, or at five cards to make a Royal Flush!

An electronic piece of art designed to achieve a miracle.

You receive a special sabot, electronic devices, DVD and 13 special cards.
Can be examined!
All cards are also fully examinable!
A practical prop, no special tables needed.
Completely automatic. No skill required.
Long distance reception.

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