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Card Artistry by Justin Flom
Item Number: TA7735

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Card Artistry by Justin Flom

Card Artistry by Justin Flom

Justin Flom's "Card Artistry" is an unexpected revelation of a selected card in which the magician turns the deck into a famous painting (or if you prefer, a brain-scan image).

It's the rarest kind of magic effect: it captures the imaginations of both magicians and audiences. Evoking a comparison of magician as artist, the performer "paints" his deck of cards into a four-by-four card mosaic of the Mona-Lisa. The spectator's selection appears in the painting! Inspired by a great Chris Kenner effect, "Card Artistry" is full of touches by professional performer Justin Flom.

Brain Scan cards only.

Available in 2 versions:
1. X-Ray/Brain Scan
2. Mona Lisa <

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