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Rendezvous by Martin Goh*
Item Number: TA8816

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Rendezvous by Martin Goh*

Rendezvous by Martin Goh*

Martin Goh is an exceptional magician in many close-up and parlor shows. He always strives to improve his excising routines and adds new ideas into his magic. With at least 10 years of experience in performing magic, Martin Goh has interlaced creativity and performance together to wow his audience.

Spectator chooses a card and signs the card. Magician takes the signed card and loses it into the deck. Now, the magician uses a pair of kings to find the signed card. Next, he inserts the kings far away from each other into the deck of cards. Magician now snaps his fingers and something magical happens! The magician then proceeds to spread the deck and the signed card is miraculously been sandwiched between the pair of kings!

Bonus Effect:
Four aces are shown on the table. The magician picks up and place each ace at a distance away from one another. The aces are pushed into the deck and the whole deck is left on the table. The magician now snaps his finger and the four aces jump to the top of the deck!

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