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Appear-ing by Leo Smetsers
Item Number: TB2912

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4 stars


Appear-ing by Leo Smetsers

Appear-ing by Leo Smetsers

'The Appearing' by Leo Smetsers is a trick you want to use when you are looking for a big reaction from you audience. This particular effect has been one of my all-time favorite tricks for several years now. A guaranteed eye-catcher! As an amazing bonus, the audience member will end up with your contact information!

An audience member chooses a card from your deck and puts it back. You take off your wedding ring and put it on top of the deck. You ask the audience member for his or her phone, and you take a picture of the deck. The picture on the phone will show the deck and the ring, but now the ring has chosen card engraved on it! You hand the ring to someone in the audience, but they will not be able to find the engraving!

The manual is filled with several additional tricks, that require only this ring!

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All in all, I really like this and think it is very powerful magic.- Doc Johnson FULL REVIEW

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