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Loops Improved by Yigal Mesika
Item Number: TB3181

5 stars


Loops Improved by Yigal Mesika

Loops Improved by Yigal Mesika

Yigal Mesika
Infinite Possibilities

"Extraordinary power at your fingertips"
- Cyril

"The ultimate secret power... I never leave home without it"
- Dynamo

Real Magic... Anytime, Anywhere.

Invented by the genius Finn Jon, perfected and popularized by Yigal Mesika, Loops are used by world-class magicians such as David Blaine, Cyril, and Dynamo. Loops are the most versatile, practical, and powerful inventions in the history of magic. This wonder utility is strong enough to move heavy objects like silverware and sunglasses. You can float a borrowed ring or bill. You will be able to animate and levitate everyday objects making you fearless to create infinite possibilities. It takes only a few seconds to set up and you will be set for the day to perform at any moment. The best part of all... It is easy to master.

Better than ever

After many years of refining the quality of this tool, Loops now have the Ultimate Invisibility, the Perfect Consistent Size, and the Ultimate Strength.

Patented Loops Saver

The Loops saver will protect your Loops at all times from any amount of pressure or damage. You no longer have to worry about the diminished strength of the Loops due to the unique guards that keep them safe under any condition. This unique envelope was also designed to make accessing your Loops the fastest and most convenient way possible.

You will get:
A set of 5 Loops that comes with the Loops Saver.

A viewable 20 minute video with full performances and explanations. You will learn 4 remarkable effects, tips, and subtleties taught by Yigal Mesika.

Effects Include:

Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Loops...

View More close up magic


The new Improved Loops are stronger and more invisible than ever before so that you can perform your magic right under their noses and they will see NOTHING. The list of professional magicians is a who's who when it comes to using Yigal Mesika's Loops in their work. Why? The reason(s) is simple: Loops are a triple threat. 1) Reliability. They are on your wrist and ready to be used at a moments notice. 2) Invisibility. Loops are made of the highest grade IET. That means the magic can be done anywhere at anytime, right under their noses! 3) The Magic: Loops allow you to perform the tried and true classics of magic. From the floating bill, to the haunted pack, to PK effects. The new "Loops Improved" have taken them to a higher level along with a revolutionary storage system. The Loops are more invisible and stronger. The included video instruction is 20 minutes long, but packs more info than 2 hr. dvd's. You live performances by Yigal Mesika and then Yigal himself also does the instruction. These aren't filler routines, but tried and true classics. Effects performed and taught: Yigal Mesika's Haunted Deck: the most realistic version there is. The Animated Fork: a PK classic and a must for restaurant and banquet performers! The Spinning Fork: you have to try this to believe the incredible reactions. The Floating Bill: it looks like REAL magic! - Lawrence C

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